Happiness Is … Being Sent Coupons for Free Soda!

Tiffany over at Stretch Your Budget and Live Better was sweet to send me some coupons for not one free soda but an entire four or six pack of soda! Not only are these coupons for free soda but soda made with Stevia called Zevia. The big deal about that around my house is that we have two type 1 diabetics here, myself and my daughter. We do not like diet soda for many reasons, taste only being one of those reasons. There are some serious health concerns revolving around sweeteners but we love Stevia as an all natural sweetener! We have tried Zevia before and love it so we are both very excited to have these valuable and useful coupons! 

 Stretch Your Budget and Live Better
Zevia Coupons

Thank you Tiffany and for those of you who want to learn how to save be sure to check out Tiffany’s site at Stretch Your Budget and Live Better!

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