Gwynnie Bee Review

Gwynnie Bee. is a women’s subscription clothing program for women size 10 to 32.

This is the company’s “About Us” statement:

More than two years ago, a few of us came together on a mission to create an exciting new service that helps women discover, experience, and enjoy great clothing without limitations. We believe that fashion has the ability to transform your sense of self–to make you look stunning and feel just as amazing.
When I was a little girl growing up in rural Pennsylvania, my aunt made all of my clothing for me. Every Monday I had a fresh box of clothes for the week. Bright prints, matching separates, trendy styles—you name it, I wore it! They always fit and made me feel confident even as I was changing size.
Traditional shopping means considering all the limiting factors—how often you will wear each garment, whether it will match your wardrobe or go out of style, and the stress of finding the right fit when you change a size. We hope to deliver all the great things that fashion has to offer, without all the stress.
Welcome to the Gwynnie Bee family.
With Love,

And this is how it works:

 Gwynnie Bee.
How it Works
Pretty much the same as other well known subscription clothing services. To get started you follow their guidelines below:
Gwynnie Bee.
How to Get Started
What is different, and what I think is very cool about Gwynnie Bee. is that you receive one or two items at a time, and you can return the items one at a time, two at a time, or all items at once! Other subscription clothing services that I have experienced do not offer this option! This allows you to get new items sent to you faster, and enables you to keep an item you like longer! You can opt to rent or buy the clothing in your subscription shipments. 
The packaging is super cute: 
 The Packaging
Cute Packaing
Sealed with a cute little bee, and wrapped in purple tissue paper, which just happened to match my nail polish perfectly today! Lots of informative inserts too! The only “issue” I found with the top they sent me was a loose thread that would easily be clipped off causing no damage to the top whatsoever. 
Here is the top they sent me:
 My First Shirt
My First Item
Super Cute and a perfect fit! The purchase price is only 35.88! I am sending it back for a few reasons though. Reason 1 – it is dry clean only. I do not really care to have to dry clean items. Reason 2 – I did not care too much for the neckline, while it did not make me feel as if it coked me or anything it just didn’t have any exciting value to it. Reason 3 – this is probably the biggest reason, believe it or not, this top looks way cuter and more exciting in the photo than in real life! I don’t know how that is but it looks so sparkly, almost glittery in photographs, both mine and on the web site. In fact when I selected this to add to my closet I was rather excited at the idea of having something festive, and a bit flashy, but in person it is rather lack luster, almost dull in comparison to what I anticipated. Otherwise a cute, well fitting top. 
I do recommend once you put your measurements into the Gwynnie Bee. web site that you follow their recommendations on sizing. I normally wear a size 12 to 14 in tops depending on how their sizing runs, and if they are button up tops or not. Button up tops I always err to a size 14 due to my chest size to avoid gaping. Regardless this top is a 1X and fit perfectly! Sizing will be all over the place on the Gwynnie Bee. site so try reading reviews but for the most part go with what they suggest. I really wish that the colors were as vivid in person as they are in the photos. I may just have bought it if they were. I have already packaged it up to send back but looking at the photos I almost want to go unbag it and check it out again. Its as if my eyes are playing tricks on me but even my husband who took the photos said it just didn’t look the same in person. 
Either way I am very happy with Gywnnie Bee. service thus far! They even sent me an email apologizing for my shipments taking longer than usual since they have been flooded with orders since they had a special on their site all last month, but seriously I got the email the day before I got my first shirt which was only two days after ordering! I have no idea what they were apologizing for! 
If you would like to add this item to your closet the item number / info is:
MYNT 1792 Electra T-Shit In Confetti Print. 
I subscribed to receive three items at a time and the cost for this would be $79.00 per month but I got in on a free month’s trial by using a code they offered which I would have shared with you all but I got in on it the very last day, and was unaware of Gwynnie Bee. and the special until I saw a post on Facebook. There are other options starting at one item for 35.00 up to ten items for 159.00, keep in mind this is for a rental program, where you can keep the items as long as you want but are billed monthly. You can also return and get new items sent as well within that month at no extra cost. And of course if you want to keep an item you pay their discounted price. 
Personally I don’t care to rent clothing but I have used rental programs like this in the past to discover new styles, and have purchased some of the items that I liked. A lot of women love to rotate their wardrobe often with new clothing, and have no problem sending items back that they love, I guess I just want to keep the stuff I really like too much to rent too often because I get in trouble that way! 
For me so far Gwynnie Bee. is a success but we will see how things develop as I get more of their items. I will keep you all updated as my next two items roll in:
 Coming Soon
Coming Soon! 
 Coming Soon!
Coming Soon! 
For now, that is my experience, thank you for reading! Please let me know what you think of Gwynnie Bee. if you have used them in the past, or if you think you may want to try them in the future in the comments below! 

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