Dual-S Body Fat Scale Review

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review.

When I first got my pretty pink scale from Surpahs that I reviewed a while back I was happy as a clam because I had never had a scale that measured body fat before. I still love it and it is working great still but now I am going to show you the luxury model of Surpah’s scales the Dual-S Body Fat Scale.

A Sleek Attractive Design

Six Functions!

With a beautiful Twin-S Electrode Design and High Tempered Glass this scale is built to perform! It has 4 G-Sensors that support high precision body weight measurement and can store and recognize information for four different users! 
The Dual-S Body Fat Scale measures weight, body fat, water, bone, and muscle mass, as well as kcal, which is basically in a very rudimentary explanation is a measurement of the energy in the amount of calories one eats. 
Before getting this scale I had no idea about a lot of these things, and while I was able to compare accuracy based on my recent yearly physical at my doctors, I still had to do some research to figure out what things meant but guess what … the scale comes with a book that not only tells you how to work the scale, but gives guidelines for what a person of a specific gender and age should measure! It also explains about the different measurements. Love this handy booklet! 
The Dual-S Body Fat Scale also came with the batteries needed to run it which is nice because not all electronic products do these days. It is also very nice looking with a pretty blue LCD display. Oh and it runs on four AAA batteries so at least when you do have to replace them its not like they run on some strange battery that is expensive or difficult to find! 

Note: The Dual-S Body Fat Scale is not to be used by pregnant women, anyone with an implanted medical such as a pacemaker, screws, or contraceptives. Works as a scale for all ages but recommended that you are 18 or over to use other functions. Also you must use barefooted so the scale can detect what it needs to. 

Here are some of my photos using the scale, please ignore my wrinkled pajamas, toe nails that need repainted, oh and I just got out of the shower so I have wet hair and no makeup, but hey this is the real deal here, I am using this product to share with you so I must suffer, and you along with me…

Here is the shiny new Dual-S Body Fat Scale! 

Once you set the scale – which is super easy – trust me I figured that part out without the booklet – okay maybe that was a fluke but anyway once you set up the scale, just step on in bare feet and it will go through a series of functions showing you your totals. In between each number there will be some zeros that scroll across the screen as seen in the upper right photo. It’s like it is calibrating in between figuring the next numbers. 

I thought I would like the Dual-S Body Fat Scale but in fact I don’t like it, I love it! It is nice to know that my weight is more than one number, but that sometimes I have extra water weight, which sure as a woman I can sort of tell when I am but the validation is nice! Also I am a muscular woman so it is nice to see that reflected as well. It feels good to have more insight into my overall body total instead of just my “weight”. 

Use any of the links though out the review to go get one for yourself! 

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