Boot Cuffs

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Have you heard about Boot Cuffs before? If not just think leg warmers only shorter. Boot cuffs can be very simple or quite decorative with bows, buttons, flowers, and lace. 

I picked up a pair of boot cuffs from Groopdealz, which I am sure you have heard me ramble on about time and again. I love Groopdealz, in case you have not noticed. 

Here are the boot cuffs I purchased. 

Boot Cuffs

I like them a lot, they are very cute, maybe a little too “young” for my age but to be honest, I don’t care because the whole leg warmer idea sprung from the era of my youth, and the way I see it, since my generation started it, I can claim it and own it! 
I styled a look with simple pair of jeans, a lovely loosely knit see through swather with cami underneath, and a statement necklace.
Boot Cuffs

The jeans were purchased from and are Free People Brand, usually around 100.00 I paid 22.00 or so with a credit from sending in clothes to sell – so I paid around 12.00 give or take. I did a review about it where you can find the specifics

The necklace was from 

Sweater from Golden Tote

I am thinking I wore mine a little too high, next time I will wear them lower, and with shorter boots as well. I already know exactly what I will wear them with next time. I may even invest in a couple different colors. I love the button detail on these but I may go with some that are plain as well. I will for sure stay away from bows, as I do feel that is pushing it a bit at my age, but otherwise I say go for it if you like the look of boot cuffs get some for yourself too! 

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