Bonjour Jolie Review October

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Hi Ladies! Its time for another Bonjour Jolie Review! For those of you who don’t know what Bonjour Jolie is, you can check my previous review, but in short, it is a subscription box service for “that time of the month”. 

I really enjoy getting my Bonjour Jolie box every month, my daughter also gets one as well, so I may be stopping my subscription because honestly we can share one. I love everything the box has to offer though and think it is a lovely idea! 

This month’s theme was Breast Cancer Awareness and this is what we got:

Bonjour Jolie Review October
Opening the Goods! 

Every month the box follows a theme, you also get a huge card insert that tells about each item in the box and where you can buy it! 
You will always get your choice of pads or tampons from the possible brands Bonjour Jolie offers you. Bonjour Jolie by the way is French for Hello Beautiful and Jolie is the French spelling of my name! In fact almost each time I type Jolie I have to retype it as I keep typing Joely! Embarrassing admission, in Jr. High I started to spell my name Jolie because my best friend was taking French class and we thought it was cool. 
The rest of your items, and there are a lot of them are all packaged in pretty tule drawstring bags which I save up and use for gift giving! 
Bonjour Jolie Review October
Sweets, and Treats! 
In these photos above you will see more of the goodies! The bracelet is “The Gift” each month you will get something quite lovely like this! Last month The Gift was a pretty stone and leaf necklace! This bracelet is a pink leather wrapped bracelet with a beast cancer awareness charm. Value is 10.00
Then we have each month an item called “The Pampering” and this month we got a full 8 fluid ounces of Sweet Pea scented bubble bath. 90% of the proceeds from this bubble bath go to beast cancer research and the value is 15.00 you can get one in the Bonjour Jolie Shop
Every month you will get a lovely array of sweet treats, goodies, and teas. These will come in your “Edibles” bag. Prices on items do vary so it is difficult to give a detailed idea of value but let me tell you the Almond Roca in this box made it for me! Bonjour Joile does a good job of mixing up the sweets offering something for everybody. They always include things that are crunchy, chewy, milky, tart, sweet, etc. 
The teas come in a separate bag and this month we also got a packet of Emergen-C which is a vitamin drink for women in Pink Lemonade flavor. 
Bonjour Jolie Review October
Personal Care Items
The last photos show more from “The Pampering” bag which always includes some Advil (I think you can choose which type of pain reliever you get when you sign up, if memory serves.) This bag also always includes some Stall Mates personal wipes which come in handy. There are other goodies each month, and this month we got some Verbena Facial Soap and body lotion valued at 3.00 total, and some Sun Tea Cooling Eye Bags Value 1.50 
Then you can see me mixing my vitamin drink, which was good, not great, but good. I know I need more vitamins so I enjoyed it. It is a sparkling drink which is neat but you can taste the vitamins in it. I think I prefer taking pills rather than drinking my vitamins but some people will prefer this. It was nice to try it.
With shipping my box costs $21 per month which I feel is a steal for all these goodies, and we need goodies more at “that time” of the month than any other time! If you want to give Bonjour Jolie a try please use my referral link and please let them know Joely Smith sent you in the comments when you place your order. 

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