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Okay maybe you specifically did not ask but after a post I made recently a handful of people did ask about my statement necklace. This specific necklace came from Groopdealz, which I clearly love based on all my other posts about them. The designer is Sweet Briar Hollow, and the necklace is called Yellow Flower Necklace. This necklace is priced at 36.00 on their website however I got it via Groopdealz for only 17.99 plus shipping – a total of 21.49! 

This is why I adore Groopdealz! 

Anyway here is the necklace that got people asking about it: 

 Necklace Sweet Briar Hollow
My Photos (photo links to Groopdeals)

 Sweet Briar Hollow
Photo from Groopdealz (photo links to Sweet Briar Hollow)

This is the cutest necklace ever in my opinion. It is so girly, vintage, and detailed. Ribbons, Rhinestones, Flowers, Bows, Beads and there is even a Bird hiding in there, a sparrow I think. I have only had the opportunity to wear it out of the house once, but it is a conversation starter! I love the hearty chain and the clasp is also very cool – a large S hook style, which I wish I had photographed but my hubby is now asleep and I can’t sneak in and pull it out since I keep all of my statement necklaces individually wrapped and boxed away in the bedroom. No, not under lock and key, I am not that obsessed, yet anyway. 

So anyway, there you have it, and you can still buy it from Sweet Briar Hollow, although the deal on Groopdealz is over. I swear ladies if you are not yet shopping on Groopdealz, you need to! Oh and don’t forget, the giveaway / drawing deal is still open! You can still win 50.00 to spend at Groopdealz

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