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Two days ago I did a post called “What’s In My Bag” but today I am sharing with you what is in my closet! Now please keep in mind, I am normally an organized person, but having only moved into a new home two months ago, I must admit, one of the areas I care about most, has been put to the wayside for more important matters to the family as a whole. Its not that my closet is an utter mess, and this closet is four times the size my prior closet was, which was sad because my husband got zero closet space! Actually, he had the closet in the basement in the old house. Now we share one, and what you are going to see is my side of the closet. I still have a long way to go to get it to the place I would like it, and I will talk some about what I would like to do eventually, but first here is my closet:

So breaking it down my section – Upper left has a couple of bags, one in a dust cover. Oh how I wish all bags came in a dust cover! Middle top row, more bags, and a shelf above that with boxes of winter boots. Upper right, very top more winter boots, and shoes, mostly heels, that I wear only on occasion. I put them further out of reach as I do not need them as often. 
Middle section, left side – bras all from Victoria’s Secret. I refuse to wear a low end bra ever again. I need the support being larger chested. Middle mid section, where bras end and clothing begins. You can also see a few scarves between the bras and clothing. I do somewhat have my clothes organized, blouses with blouses, long sleeve with long sleeve shirts, dresses all together, a couple jean jackets side by side, etc. All of my “fancier” dresses are at the far right and a bit difficult to get to but again, I don’t wear them as often so that is okay. 
Bottom row, left side, shoes I wear most often, other than a few pair sitting on the floor in the closet. These I keep in boxes to keep them nice and organized, but they are the ones I grab the most. Bottom middle, a couple other bags, I had to move then down because they were falling from the upper shelves and getting squashed. Also more shoes, shoes I wear fairly often but not as often as the easier to access ones on the left. The only reason the mid section is harder to access is due to some clothing hanging down in front of my view of them, and that there are bags sitting on top of them. Far bottom left has, you guessed it, more shoes! I have very few items here due to that the space is totally covered by dresses hanging down. 
Here is a closer look at my clothing section:
As you can see I prefer non slip hangers but I not have quite enough of them yet, so I am still supplementing with those colored plastic ones. I have several blouses by Collective Concepts, dresses by Hourglass Lily, and a lot of my clothing came from Golden Tote, Stitch Fix, and LeTote. (referral links)
I have an eclectic closet to some degree but try to keep enough solids around to do some mixing and matching, although I am realizing I have a LOT of prints in my closet. 
Things I would like to do to organizer better. The first thing I want to get are some containers for all of my shoes. A different container for each pair, see through plastic. That way I can look at what I have, yes I know I should know what I have, but if you are like me, it helps to see things in order to decide what to wear with what. Having my shoes all contained and organized, yet visible would be nice. I can’t really do one of those hanging or over the door organizers as my closet, although much larger than my last one, is still rather cramped. 
Another thing I would like to do, which really is just more a matter of taking the time to do it, is to try to put my clothing in a more cohesive order. In the past, I put things not only in family groups, (Dresses, tops, long sleeve shirts, tees, short dresses, long dresses, skirts, etc) but also grouping those by color. Perhaps prints with prints, blues with blues, whites with whites, etc. I mean its not like I have THAT many clothes but it still makes deciding what to wear a lot easier. 
I definitely need to figure out a better way to organize my bags. I did see a Groupon for a bag organizer but that too was a hanging organizer and I think it would take up far too much room, just as a hanging shoe organizer would. If anyone has any ideas for good ways to organize bags, please comment below and tell me about it! 
So that is it ladies, that is my “whats in my closet” post. I hate to say it, but I hope in time that I will need even more space, because I love clothes! 
Thank you for reading my blog, and as always … 
Stay Stylish!

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