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Eeking out the last bits of summer I had to wear this new fun, flirty, dress I picked up at our local boutique. I have not visited the boutique in ages because I know I am weak when I walk in there, and the prices are not always so friendly. I did however pick up this dress for only 38.00 and for the boutique that is a good deal. I also have an ongoing 15% discount with them which also helps so the real cost to me was 32.30 plus tax of course. It was the last one like it, as they only get one, maybe two in each size, and this just happened to be my size! I thought it was a nice dress that I could take many directions from boho to country to romantic. Also due to the color scheme I find it to be equally fitting for both summer and fall, the perfect transitional dress! I love the lacy inserts on the sleeves adding to the romantic, country, boho flair of this versatile dress. 

The band of the dress is Umgee and I have picked up a lot of items from this line at the boutique, it is one of my favorite boutique designers. They have great items in their plus size line as well. You can find Umgee on Zulily, Country Outfitter, and many boutiques including online boutiques. 
The boots are Roxy, belt is Steve Madden, cami is NikiBiki which came in my recent Wantable box. 
Total cost of this look: 97.20 the boots being the most expensive part of the total look which makes sense because the boots will be worn with many different outfits and will last a very long time. 
Oh and the necklace and earrings were picked up along the way of life. The necklace came from a sales both that was set up inside a hotel I stayed in years ago, I just happened upon the sale. The earrings came from a website called Little Black Bag, that is no longer up and running sadly. And the bracelet is a Bindy Wrap Bracelet. 
So that is what I wrote today. I hope that you find inspiration from my look and as always …
Stay Stylish!


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