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I recently signed up to try Warby Parker’s home try on system and it was so much better than trying on glasses in a store! There is nothing like trying them on in the comfort of your own home, where you will be wearing them much of the time! You can see how you look in them in your own lighting, in your own mirrors, and with different clothing, make up on or off! I have a really nice pair of glasses – the frames are Tiffany but let me tell you sometimes I feel a little silly wearing them when I am in my pajamas! These frames were fun to try on and I have a favorite that looks great dressed up or down! 
So let me tell you how this system works… 
You go to their website, pick out five pair of frames, they charge your card 1.00 to be sure you have a legitimate credit card (I used a debit card so that works too), then they send you the five frames you selected. They come in a super nice organized box. You try them on, then send them back – shipping is free both ways! For every pair you purchase a pair is donated to someone in need! 
Here is more information from their website about the home try on:

What is the Home Try-On program?

Pick five frames to test out at home with our easy—and free!—Home Try-On program. You’ve got five days to take them for a spin and decide which style suits you best, then return all five (with free shipping both ways) and order the pair (or pairs) you like. Learn more here. And if you’re having trouble deciding on a frame, reach out to us on social media using #WarbyHomeTryOn. Just make sure your accounts aren’t private, and we’ll chime in with feedback. You can also give us a call at 888.492.7297, Monday–Friday, 9a.m.–9p.m. ET. Please note that we are only able to ship Home Try-On orders within the contiguous US.

Also you can post photos of yourself trying on the different frames to Facebook or Twitter, Instagram, etc to get your friends opinion on which pair they like on you! I think that is pretty cool! A friend of mine recently did it on Facebook and he received a lot of helpful, and humorous comments. 

These are the frames I selected to have sent to me and me trying them on! 

Okay so I am a big goof, I never did like trying on glasses but I will tell you I like trying them on a lot more when I don’t have some strange salesperson telling me what they think I look good in. They don’t know me, and I will probably never see them again! Was nice to be able to wear them around a while and decide for myself. Plus, if you decide you do not like any of the five you selected, just select five more! There is no cost to do so. 
When you get them in the mail they will come like this:
Here is a photo of my box:
I made sure to put them all back in the wrappers when I was done. Then put in the bag that is pre labeled, and send back! Oh and for the record they also offer a large selection of sunglasses, men’s frames, women’s frames, and all types of lenses, even for those of us who have a strong prescription and need progressive lenses starting at 245 which is far less than I paid after insurance locally! Speaking of insurance they do not deal with your insurance directly but you can request the information you need from Warby Parker to submit it to insurance yourself. 
So which pair do you think I ended up liking the most? Which do you like the most on me? I will put the pair I chose in the comments so feel free to comment back! 
Give Warby Parker a try for yourself and as always …
Stay Stylish! 
Note: I was in no way compensated for this post however I am an affiliate and have used affiliate links. 

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