Wantable Intimates September 2014 Review

This is a review of my Wantable Intimates September 2014 box. Wantable is a subscription box service where you can opt for Intimates, Makeup, or Accessories. When you sign up you will answer some detailed questions via their style profile which is one of the better styling profiles in subscription boxes in my opinion. They also seem to follow your likes and dislikes very well which is something I have struggled with in other sub boxes, getting items I had not “liked”. With Wantable I feel they do an excellent job in not sending things you have not checked as liked and you can even mark things as dislike so you never get those items from them!

All boxes cost 36.00 on the monthly plan or 40.00 for a one time box. The makeup box comes with 4 to 5 full sized permium items, the accessories box comes with 4 boutique accessories, and the intimates box arrives with 4 to 5 premium items.

I am pleased, very pleased with my first intimates collection. I have tried the accessories collection and loved that, and have yet to try their makeup collection but I plan to do so in the near future. This intimates collection had a lovely variety to it and the value makes it very well worth the cost.

I want to share my style profile with you just in case you like what I got. That way you can fill out your own profile to match. If you do not like what I got you can take note of what I said I liked and disliked to avoid getting similar items!

Here you can see that I chose Love on: Loungewear, Tanks, Tights/Leggings, Camis, Shapewear, Soft Bras, Fun & Flirty, Brights. 
I chose Like on: Pretty & Polished
I chose Dislike on: Hosiery, Accessories, Panties, Socks, Neutrals.
It is not that I truly dislike those last items, but more that I just do not need those items now, or wanted my first box to have other items in it. You can change your profile at any time, and what you have on that profile will effect what you get in your box! When you complete your profile be sure to check the landing page as it will tell you items you can expect in your box and items you will not get in your box. If this does not reflect your wishes, go back and start your profile over again. 
Now, let’s see what was in my box! 

Okay that was a tease, I wanted to first show you the box itself, and how it looks when first opened. I see some PINK – Yay! 
NOW, lets see what is first! 
Ohhh I love the fabric! You can even see in the photo how silky it is! A lovely feminine pink and black silky, lacy, nightie! The brand is Sophie B. I am not a fan of g-strings personally, but I love this set! It is exactly what I would expect from an “intimates” box! Now it is 54 degrees outside today, and we have the windows open to air out the house, so I am thinking – dang this is going to be cold wearing this! However, I am sure things will heat up as soon as I put it on, so I am not too worried! It’s just precious! Love it! Retail Value 38.00 which I personally think is a very fair price! If I were to buy this same type of item at Victoria’s Secret it would cost a lot more, probably twenty dollars more! 
Next … 
Oh okay, a bright blue cami. I do not have a cami in this color, so that is good. The fabric is excellent, very stretchy and feels quite durable, unlike the five for twenty dollar cami’s I pick up at Wet Seal. The brand on this item is NikiBiki. This one should last for a very long time! Retail Value 18.00 which sounds fair considering the quality! 
Up next … 
Oh wow! This is my first ever shape wear and I have to admit I am rather excited! I have been wanting to try shape wear but when I look at it in the stores there are so many options, brands, prices, etc that I just get lost and confused! I am glad someone else has elected to get me started! I will tell you when I did my style profile I was really hoping they would send me something like this. The brand is Waist Watcher. Retail Value 48.00 and I do not have a hard time believing that is truly what it is worth because I have priced this stuff! I think this is going to really help with a couple dresses I have as well as when I wear maxi dresses or skirts, as they are very unforgiving on the rear and stomach! Love love love! Yay! 
Then last we have … 
Tights! Why am I so excited about tights you may wonder. Well, first, I only have two pair of tights, I bought them at Old Navy I think, and they fit horribly! I have the hardest time finding good fitting, good quality tights, that are thick enough to provide some leg warmth, yet not thick, school girl looking things! Here is a closer look: 
I love the color! These can match a lot of outfits! I can wear black boots or tan boots with them, or for that matter, red if I ever get my deeply desired red boots! Really they will go with anything more or less. Now let’s look at the top, and feet of these tights:

Control top, excellent! Very soft and cushioned feet too! The feet on these tights are soooo padded and are going to be very comfortable to wear! Rather than being those slouchy, heavy, sagging thick school girl tights, these are like a combination of panty hose and tights. Yet, they are thick enough to provide some warmth this winter, and it does get cold here in Kansas. The brand is Bootights and since I am in desperate need of more tights I will be checking out their direct website soon! Retail Value is 32.00 so I really hope I can find some coupon codes, or get a discount from them for signing up for email subscriptions or something. These are a little pricey but they are totally worth it for my needs. 
So overall, the retail value of my box is 136.00 which I feel is a fair value for these items. A lot of the time boxes place a value on their items that I disagree with due to either the quality lacking in some of the items, or simply because I absolutely would not pay that much for something. For example, I do love scarves, and I do like quality items, however, scarves are not one of those things I care to pay a lot for, since I can get them at a lot of places for ten bucks and under. So when I see a scarf valued at a hundred bucks or more I kind of think I would rather have other items at the same value and just get my own ten dollar scarf! Sure I know there is a difference in quality, material, etc but to me its just not worth it to have an expensive scarf over something else worth that much money. Point being, to me, for what I got, I could absolutely see myself paying this much for these items, exception being maybe, just maybe the tights, but the more I handle them, and see the quality, the more I feel they are worth every penny. 
I am definitely going to continue my intimates subscription because I really do need these items, especially if they continue to send me items like this. I may decide to select dislike on the camis. I am not sure yet, I want to wear this one first. It’s just that I can get camis so cheap myself, but the quality of this one is bar far so much better! I just have to wear a quality cami around and decide if it is one of those things I can sacrifice quality on or not. 
So if you want to try Wantable intimates, accessories, or makeup, please use my link. 
And if you want to see my past reviews on Wantable accessories you can do that here.
Thank you for checking out my review on Wantable Intimates for September 2014 and as always…
Stay Stylish! 

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