Socialbliss Style Box September Review

I have wanted to join Socialbliss Style Box forever but just never committed to a subscription box that had a higher price tag. Even though you get a bag (or nice scarf) in every shipment I just could not bring myself to do it! I am happy that I have, and that I got a good discount with a coupon code released last month as well as singing up for three months I got another nice discount but with all that said, I am a little disappointed in this month’s box. Not entirely let down but just a little. 

First of all I do not care for the whole midi ring craze. I am sure a lot of people love them but as for myself, not so much. I passed this on to my daughter who is modeling it in the photo. Fact is, even had I loved it, it did not fit any of my fingers, and it is not adjustable! Suggested Retail 30.00 Personally I would never pay 30.00 for this but hey that is just me. However, upon reading the insert included with the box, this company, Belcho does give a percentage of the profits to children’s and animal rescue charities, so maybe I would pay that much. 


The mascara, sorry but I am actually rather tired of getting the same products in multiple boxes. I now have three of these. One I am already using, its a good mascara, don’t get me wrong, and I know some people would say “stock up, you won’t have to buy any mascara for a long time” but the fact is I subscribe to these boxes for new experiences, not the same ones over and over. Also while this is a good mascara, I have a favorite, and this isn’t it. There are expiration dates on makeup, so this gets put in the gift box. The New Bold Lacquer Mascara by Revlon retails for 8.00

Now, on to the loves in my Socialbliss Style Box –  I love the necklace and the symbolism of it! Its very nice and I love the black mixed with gold as well. It will work with my attempts for an edgier look this Fall. The necklace, whose brand I can not figure out, only retails for 15.00 and personally I would easily pay 30.00 for it over the ring. Go figure. 

Then the bag! Okay so there were two possibilities with this bag, the color! I could have got this one, or I could have got a navy and tan color. I think a lot of people wanted the one I got. I had decided early on, after seeing a sneak peek, that I would be perfectly happy with either. I think the navy and red is more fun and the navy and tan is more classic. Either way there is a very retro feel to this, something about this says late 80’s early 90’s to me. I like it, a lot, and the quality is great. The brand is Urban Expressions and has a retail value of 55.00. The chain is gold which you can’t see in the photo, and it is detachable so you can also use the bag as a clutch. 

So a total retail value of … 108.00 and I paid 46.95 for this box when you figure three months at 140.85 not bad at all if you ask me. I feel I got my money’s worth for sure. I love the bag and necklace, the ring looks great on my daughter, I think my own let down really is the mascara which to me is just not high end enough for this box and they are just flooding the market with them. Great for the company, not so great for the consumer. 

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