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Fashion Beyond Forty Philosophy

Fashion Beyond Forty Philosophy

Monday, September 15, 2014

My Walmart Beauty Box Arrived!

Last week I posted about the Walmart Beauty Box and mine arrived today. It was funny because another person waiting on their box and I were tweeting each other about it, wondering when it would arrive just minutes before my mail carrier dropped it off! I ripped right into it! 

Here is the box: 

First look inside: 

The Goods: 

I am happy with this box. I mean five bucks (for shipping only) you just can't beat it! The lip color didn't look fantastic on me but I love getting any makeup. The deodorant alone justified the cost of this box, because it retails for more than five dollars and is the exact brand my daughter uses. 

I am very excited to try the Revitalift and Regenerist products and while they are not "upper end" they are the upper echelon for what you can buy at Walmart and I have always wondered how well they work in comparison to the brands I currently use. 

The Couture sample is fine, it has a nice scent but I am pretty maxed out on perfume samples already. 

The Clear samples are nice, but I have my trusted and loved shampoo and conditioner so I will put these away to go out to friends, or for travel. 

Total Estimated Value of this box 27.00 - I paid 5.00 for shipping so I basically got 22.00 worth of items for free. 

Hey its not Prada, but its nice stuff, and I will use it!

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