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One may think as a beauty blogger I would have a much larger mascara collection than I do, but really I think my stash is about average or even less than the general makeup hoarder. I do love mascara but I am very particular when it comes right down to it, and have my one main love which is They’re Real by Benefit. However, there are days I like to wear something different for various reasons which I will explain. 

Here is my current stash:

Notice the Ipsy Bag I keep them in!

Up top we have my all time favorite, by Benefit They’re Real Mascara. Check link to buy at Sephora, a small size to test out is only 10.00 but you will end up buying the larger size anyway so just go for it! 

My daughter introduced me to this brand. She was wearing it one day to an amusement park and a number of women stopped her and asked her questions ranging from what type of mascara she was wearing to if she had on fake lashes, but everyone complimented her on her beautifully stunning eye lashes! Upon closer inspection I too had to say that her lashes looked amazing, and so real! I am not someone who knows anything about fake lashes, and have never used them personally, but I can often tell when a woman is wearing fakes, and this mascara makes you think that it could be possible but when you look close enough you can tell they are just amazing, full, long, beautiful lashes! I love this stuff! A must have at all times in my collection! This truly gives that POW and WOW effect! This is my daily wear mascara. 

Next we have a mascara from New Direction The Looks Collection, which just went on sale recently! Believe it or not, this is good mascara! My daughter was impressed and honestly, amazed at how much she liked it! You can read more about this mascara here in the review of the collection and find out more about where to purchase.  Notice the pretty pink container! Mine came in the basic black container but that is due to it being part of the collection rather than buying seperately. This mascara gives you a very full effect much like the Benefit They’re Real mascara but it is a little less dramatic. It has a more clean and simple effect which I think is good for the age of young ladies who will be wearing this mostly. 

Up next is Voluminous Butterfly by L’Oreal! Hey this may not be a “boutique” brand but it is a good trusted brand that has been around since the cows came home! I do like what L’Oreal has to offer, especially in this mascara! The brush is truly unique, and the application is effortless to create a dramatic butterfly effect. Perfect look for when you want that Pin-Up appearance or for a night out! You can purchase through Ulta or local stores like Walmart and Walgreens.  

Another favorite of mine is made by BareMinerals it is called Flawless Definition Mascara, available at Sephora. This has a less overstated look but is my tee shirt and jeans day mascara all the way! This used to be my every day look until I amped up my wardrobe a bit more. If you are going for a less fuss less muss, clean and fresh appearance this is the mascara for you. It fills, plumps, and separates your lashes well, leaving a naturally beautiful look. I really do love this mascara when I just want a fresh face appearance. 

Now lets examine Sumptuous Bold Volume Mascara by Estee Lauder, also at Sephora. I like this mascara for a romantic appearance. The way it curves the lashes “just so” and the thickness of the application are perfect for those “come hither” eyes! You will notice my container is not as pretty as the one pictured as mine is a deluxe sample from Sephora. I would buy this again once this runs out but I don’t need that “come hither” look too often haha. 

And finally we have Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara, by Grow Luscious, which you can buy from Ulta. I got this in one of my many subscription boxes recently. To be honest, this would not be in my personal stash had I not just got a full size to try in the sample box. It isn’t bad, but it does not really fill a void I need that another product isn’t already covering. I would say if anything it is closer to a jeans a tee shirt mascara but I am not really impressed by it thus far. I need to give it more time though to be fair and use it more often. I just don’t find myself reaching for it though. 
So there you have it, my mascara line up, and what I love for what occasion. Overall I could never give up my They’re Real Mascara, and my second favorite would then be the BareMinerals because those are the two I reach for the most often. It is nice to have the others too though. 
Tell me in the comments please what mascara you can’t live without and when you wear it most! 
Thank you for reading, and as always…
Stay Stylish! 

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