My Favorite Clothing Items From This Past Summer

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With the change of season upon us I wanted to list and show some of my favorite closet additions from this past summer. You may notice that my post is lacking any pants, skirts, shorts, etc … sorry about that. Bottoms as a rule are harder for me to photograph and honestly I am still not up to where I should be with photos in general but I am working on it. I suppose I could find the items I want to show you online and post photos from the online shops where I can find them but to me there is something about seeing the actual product either on a “real person” (not a model) or just in a more natural setting, such as my dining room here. There is something more authentic about it in my view. 

Regardless, here are some of my favorite items from this past season. 

This dress came from eShakti (they offer a 25.00 sign up bonus!) What is so awesome about eShakti is that they will tailor make your dress to your exact measurements! Seriously this dress fits like it was made for someone wealthy! I felt pretty special getting a dress that was made for my exact measurements! You just put your information in after creating an account and you are good to go. But there is more! You can pick a dress you like, but change the neckline, sleeves, length, and more! That’s right you can customize your dress to your style! I do not like sleeveless dresses and with eShakti I can pick any dress on their site and add sleeves! Yay! I love this neckline on this dress, the pattern, and the length is perfect for my short stature. Oh and another thing, almost all of their dresses have pockets! I love a dress with pockets! Also, this dress is very well made and fully lined. Love eShakti! 
Made to order dress from eShakti

My next loved item is a Nick & Mo designer label dress that I picked up at a local Boutique but you can find it here. On the website you can get it in tho color as well as natural. I love this line but it is rather expensive, which is why I only have two items from them but if I could afford more I would fill my closet with Nick & Mo! It has that Stevie Nick’s Boho / Hippie look to it but is still very tailored so it does not simply hang allowing no shape of figure! Another summer love. 

Nick & Mo Boho Dress
I love this top, as does my husband, he always compliments me when I wear it, well he complements the top perhaps but whatever. I love how this hangs and really this photo here does it no justice because it looks so good on. The sleeves flutter like a butterfly! So pretty and great colors! This is from LeTote, which is known as the Netflix of Fashion! 

Blouse from LeTote
This button up is a classic no fuss no muss item to have in your closet! I grabbed this on sale at Gap and pair it with a simple tank and light weight tan colored boyfriend style pants. If I could, I would have this same top in every color in my closet. I was lucky to find this because usually with button ups, I have to buy them extra large to cover my chest, but then the top just is too big everywhere else so it does not have a tailored look, but Gap had this and it fits perfect! I think the stripes add a bit of fun as well. 

Button Down Top from Gap
This is beautiful, feminine, stylish top is from Stitch Fix, a service where you get a personal stylish to select clothing for you based on a profile you fill out. Another one my husband swoons over! He really loves this top on me. It has a tie waist feature, which may not be too noticeable in the photo, and is light and airy. I love the print and feel girly wearing it. 

Floral Blouse from Stitch Fix
And last, we have a gem from Golden Tote. Golden Tote is another subscription service that is pretty cool because you pick one or two “chosen items” and they send you a tote with several more items that are “surprise items” for a really good price! Click the link to learn more. This was one of my chosen items and I just love it. It takes me just outside of my comfort zone but not too far. The print is fun and perfect for summer, love this neckline, so different, and the sleeves are cap style so not completely sleeveless but closer than anything else I was wearing at the time. In a way this dress helped me get more at ease with sleeveless dresses. What a fun belt too! Summer festive is what I call the dress. 

Jealous Tomato Dress from Golden Tote
So there you have it, some of my top favorites from this past season. Hard to say “past” season as I am in Kansas where we have all four seasons all of the time practically! They say if you don’t like the weather here just wait, it will change and that is so true! Either way, summer is near it’s end so I thought it would be nice to immortalize a few of my favorite fashions I have discovered this past season. Granted these are not all of my favorites but they are a diverse selection to share. Leave me a comment telling me which of these you like best, or tell me about some of your favorite fashion discoveries from this past season! I would love to hear from you, and as always…
Stay Stylish! 

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