LeTote Fourth Review

Another tote has arrived! This tote took a little longer due my shipping it back on a Saturday but either way again super fast turn around! This time I got the following items (Note: See other reviews on LeTote here):

All I can say is I LOVE everything!
14.00 Member Price / 18.00 Non Member Price
These elegantly, simple bar earrings are the perfect adornment to any outfit! Wear these to the office for a minimal accessory that still garners attention.
  • Brand: Infinitine
  • Metal: Gold Tone
  • Post Back
44.00 Member Price / 58.00 Non Member Price
Perfect with skinny jeans, a sharp blazer and heels for after work drinks.
  • Brand: Sugarhill
  • Color: Black with hints of orange, bright pink, green
  • 100% Polyester
  • Sleeve: short sleeve
24.00 Member Price / 28.00 Non Member Price
This slender, metallic triangle is the ideal finishing touch to any outfit with its clean lines, perfect for pairing with other necklaces!
  • Brand: Infinitine
  • Color: Gold Tone
  • Closure: Lobster Clasp
34.00 Member Price / 48.00 Non Member Price
A loose and flattering fit fluttery top with a black contrast top panel.
  • Brand: Beautifully
  • Color: Black/Heather Gray
  • 5% Spandex, 95% Cotton
  • Sleeve: short sleeve
64.00 Member price  / 88.00 Non Member Price
This adorable romper features a stretchy ponte knit fabric and a tie at the waist. Perfect for warm weather!
  • Brand: Eight Sixty
  • Color: Black
  • Closure: Invisible Back Zipper
You may notice I put Non Member Price rather than Original Price – that is because I have searched up some of the LeTote items before and found that even with their non member price you get a better deal on most of the items than you would searching them up on the web and buying elsewhere. 
So lets go down the list …
I am totally keeping the jewelry. I love both of them and while I prefer loud, busy statement pieces I always have room simplistic pieces too. I am totally into the geometric designs as of late as well. I love the triangle necklace and the stick earrings are just so unusual and classic at the same time. 
The Connie Flutter Top is my clear favorite for ease of wear. I can put this on with a lot of bottoms and have a great look without much fuss or care. It flatters my figure perfectly and fit perfectly as well. This was a no brainer! 
The romper at first had me puzzled as it just almost fit, but was slightly “too small” until I realized I was wearing the wrong bra with it! This is a longer story, and I am going to be writing an article soon about how undergarments can effect fit of clothing, but needless to say, as soon as I switched out for the correct bra, it fit perfectly as well. It is super cute, and stylish! I had a romper sent to me in my last tote that I loved, but just was not right for me personally. This romper is spot on for my style, and better suited to my age. Not to say I could not have pulled off the other one with some effort, but I just feel more like myself in this one. I can also pair this romper with a cute jacket, some leggings, or wear as is. Based on how you choose to style this romper it can go from casual weekend wear, to business wear, to a night on the town wear! I love how versatile this romper is and the fabric is excellent! 
As for the Sugarhill floral top, it is not my favorite but only due to body image reasons of my own. You see, I am not a fan of how my arms are shaped. While I am still slightly over the weight I would like to be at, the issue with my arms is not even a weight issue. Even when I am at my ideal weight (as per me, not doctors) my arms are still oddly shaped, it is a DNA thing, my great grandmother had the same arms. Regardless, that is something I have dealt with my entire life, and has in the past kept me from wearing much of anything that shows off my arms. Granted the romper is sleeveless but I can easily put something over it to cover when I am not feeling brave enough to show the arms off. With the Sugarhill top, well, I suppose I can use a cover up with that as well but its just such a cute cut I would would to do that. The sleeves on this top are almost cap sleeves which I can in fact pull off without having the nagging mental arm issue, but as I said, they are almost cap sleeves, alas they are not. They do show my arms in a way that I will struggle only a little with, but in a way this is a happy medium between a sleeveless look and that cap sleeve look that I am comfortable with. So I am going to embrace this top, because it is absolutely adorable, the pattern is so feminine, yet I can see how it can easily be styled to go with an edgier look if I want to give that a try, and in fact I have been wanting to explore some edgier looks lately! It all comes down to how I choose to style it but the versatility of this top intrigues me and I want to keep it! 
So my total with discount if I keep everything will be: 180.00 for items that would otherwise total 240.00 and that is on the low end as I know I would pay more if I searched all the items out individually to buy elsewhere! So a total savings of 60.00 is pretty good! 
Now please keep in mind, you do not have to buy anything from LeTote! In fact, Letote is more like a clothing rental service rather than a try before you buy service! The buying part is just an added benefit of the rental process! LeTote has been coined “The Netflix of Fashion” by many reviewers, and customers! 
If you are not familiar with LeTote already, I really suggest reading my other reviews on the service because I go into much greater detail on how the process works, what it costs, and what your options are in other posts. Also you can always check out their FAQ section as well, which is packed with good information, seriously their FAQ section is one of the best I have seen! 
LeTote also does offer a referral system where you can refer members and get your monthly service charge free – one free month for each referred member who signs up! My referral links are within this post so if you decide you would like to try LeTote based on my reviews, please use my link. 
Also, when you sign up you will get an instant 10.00 purchase credit which you can use toward your first item purchase. Even if you do not plan to buy items, and just want to rent, you may as well grab a necklace or earrings! With the 10.00 discount you may be paying as little as an extra four dollars for a new cute accessory! 
I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and my review of LeTote. I am not paid to write LeTote reviews, this is my honest opinion! In fact, my last review was somewhat critical of the item review process on their website, and I just want to make mention, that LeTote was so gracious, thankful, of my honest point of view, that they sent me a gift in my latest tote shipment! A lovely card signed by the girls at LeTote and two pair of super cute earrings! 

 I almost didn’t put this in my article because I did not want it to appear that I was being showed favoritism, but on the other hand I do want to show just how good of a company this is! What company will reward a member with gifts for giving a truly critical review? I will tell you what kind of company does this – a company that CARES! Oh which reminds me, their email customer service, it is top notch! I always get messaged back within a day or two, depending on when I email them. The card even mentions that my review was shared with all of LeTote which shows that they take their customers input seriously. 

So a GIANT thumbs up to LeTote and Thank you for the gifts!  
Hey LeTote peeps – Hint Hint: I would REALLY love to get this in my next shipment (Adia K Circle of Flowers Necklace).
Isn’t It Amazing! 
Thank you for reading my blog and …
Stay Stylish! 

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