Happiness Is … The Perfect Nude

I have been wanting to get a nude lipstick for awhile now but have kept hesitating because a good nude is hard to find, much like the perfect red. Everyone has something a little different they are looking for in a nude lip color, just as some people prefer a blue tinted red, and some more of an orange. Me, I like all different tones of red lip color, but due to the fact that I will probably not wear nude as often as red, I wanted to get it right the first time. 

I spent months putting different nudes in and out of my cart on Sephora, reading reviews, googling swatches, looking at those same swatches on different skin tones, etc. I think the reason I didn’t just buy a few different ones was due to not wearing nude often enough to warrant having more than one in my makeup collection as well as not wanting to waste money that I could spend on other fun stuff! 

So finally I just went for the one that kept popping up time and time, the one that I first picked out of course, and that one was BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie in the color Be Free

It has the perfect creamy color I wanted. 

So for me, today, Happiness Is … Finding the perfect nude lipstick! 

What makes you happy? Comment below and share with us all please. 

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