Happiness Is … Amazing Statement Necklaces

I have been dying for a new statement necklace! I only have a couple already and needed / wanted / DESIRED more. I just could never pull the plug due to the fact that they can be sort of pricey. However, the other day I received an email from T & J Designs stating that for only 10 dollars I could pick from several of their necklaces! This was a sale that they sent out to anyone on their mailing list! I was pumped and went right away to check out what I could get. Surprisingly they had several amazing items to select from so I picked out two and placed my order. They came in the mail today and I am just so happy! Here is what I got:

I love them and for 10 dollars each what a steal! I also got a card for 15% of next order! 
The Discount is on the flip side.

I went to the site again today to see what kind of deals they have and they still have some 10.00 items left as well as other items starting at 12.00 and up! They also have some more pricy items that are on my wish list such as this … 

And this …

I will be stalking the site hoping they go on sale! Check them out if you want something like the photos above! T & J Designs.
T & J Designs also offers free shipping on orders over 20.00 
They also offer free shipping AND returns on orders over 100.00 
So for me, today, happiness is … New Statement Necklaces! 
As always, thank you so much for reading my blog, and …
Stay Stylish!
Note: I used my affiliate link in this post. 

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