Five Four Review September 2014

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I have blogged about Five Four Clothing before. My husband loves their subscription service. We had a few hiccups starting out but after a few communications with them we got things right. At least they have good communication with their subscribers which is good!

So this is our review of his September box.

Five Four Clothing is its own brand, so all the items you get in their subscription box will be the Five Four Label. On their website you can see that a lot of movie stars, athletes, and the sort wear this brand.

If you join via my link we should both get 15.00 off our boxes!

So when you sign up, just like with many subscription boxes, you fill out a profile. They ask your sizes and such but they also ask if you like specific looks, we have changed my husband’s profile easily for each shipment to reflect what types of items he would like to get. Granted you never really know what you will get but the deal is that it should equal about 50% or more off so you pay 60.00 monthly and get around 120.00 in items but usually the savings is more and you get more than 120.00 in clothing.


These are the items my husband got this month:
Five Four

Five Four Cypress Graphic Tee Value 32.00

Five Four

Five Four Juniper Henley Value 38.00

Five Four

Five Four Button Down Value 60.00

My husband loves the graphic tee. This is the first graphic tee he has received from Five Four but that is only due to us changing his style profile recently. Previously he had only asked for non-graphic tees.  We are glad his first month of saying he likes both graphic and non-grapic that he got one. He needed a little fun in his wardrobe.

His favorite pick is the second photo, the Juniper Henley. He loves the fit and color, as well as the casual but not too casual look.

He also really likes the button down but is not used to a tailored fit in button downs. I had to explain to him why it fit a bit more snug. I know he will love it once he gets used to the fit. He loves the color though, he did not have a green button down before.

So basically we paid 20.00 per top when you break it down. Not a bad deal at all especially when you consider the quality. The first thing my husband said about the tee was “feel this!” it is so super soft! He loves the feel of it and so do I.

So that is our September Five Four Box! If you like it, give it a try for the man in your life.

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