Bonjour Jolie Review September 2014

Bonjour Jolie (Jolie, the french spelling of my own name, Joely) means Hello Pretty! What a cute name for a subscription box! This is no ordinary subscription box though! This is box is for that time of the month, a time when we all need a little extra pampering! Being that my reader base is mostly women over 40 some of my readers may no longer need this type of box, but I still do, so I ordered one for myself, and one for my daughter. They also have a first timer’s box for girls just starting out with their monthly. I think that would be a lovely way to be initiated into “womanhood”.  
Each box is designed based on your profile, and sent based on your biological calendar. You get to select the type of feminine product you desire from their selections and then you are sent a whole bunch of other wonderful goodies! The box costs 16.00 per month plus shipping, my box came out to 21.00 a month with the shipping fee. Lets take a look: 
I am impressed by the big colorful insert which tells you about each item in the box! So festive! 

Of course feminine pink tissue paper keeps us in suspense. 

The first and most necessary item of course is the feminine product.
Each box is filled with beautifully bagged gifts, this is the Edibles bag, it contains:
Cougar Mountain – Oatmeal Raisin Cookie – this was soooo good! 1.50 each 
(most items in the boxes can be purchased right from the Bonjour Jolie Shop!)
Werther’s Caramel Apple Candies
Island Maple Delights
The Ginger People – Spiced Apple Gin Gin Chews
Go Naturally Organic Apple Candies
Alpine Apple Cider
Stash Maple Apple Cider Tea
Stash Pumpkin Spice Tea

Next is the Pampering Item:
Deliciously – Organic Pimpkin Walnut Body Scrub – Full Sized Value 18.00
This smells absolutely heavenly!! 
Another Pampering Items Bag: 
Sister Sky Sweet Grass Body Lotion 1.25 (smells amazingly fresh and lovely)
Calming Leaf Candles 2.00
Two Stall Mates Cleaning Wipes
Two packages of Advil pain reliever
And last we have the Gift item! An absolutely lovely and season perfect Gold Mint Jewel and Leaf Necklace Value 20.00 

I think this box is an amazing value for the price that I paid! Also when you sign up they ask if you have any allergies which is something I have not seen on other boxes before! Love that! My daughter is ironically allergic to Ginger so she won’t be able to eat some of the little candies but that is okay. I almost put Ginger as an allergy but I thought the chances of being sent ginger was slim to none lol well that shows you what I know! I guess ginger is good for cramps and nausea which it explained on the card insert. How cool is that! 

We all love being pampered and I think this subscription box is an excellent way to do just that during a time of the month when we need it the most! 

I absolutely LOVE the scrub, the necklace, and the lotion. My daughter and I both thought and said at the exact same time as we put it on our skin that it smells like expensive fancy hotel lotion! The scrub literally smells good enough to eat! My daughter’s boyfriend was here when we opened our box and his eyes got HUGE and he said he just wanted to eat it right then and there! Instead we tore through the candy! I am not a huge fan of hard candies but the variety of these was nice, I liked the apple candies a lot and I didn’t even know Werther’s had Carmel Apple candies! 

My daughter’s box did not arrive with mine so I assume it will arrive in the next day or two and we get to eat another one of those amazing cookies! 

If you would like to try Bonjour Jolie for yourself please let them know Joely S sent you in the comments section of the subscription form. 

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