What’s In The Box? Ipsy Review August 2014

My August Ipsy Glam Bag came today! If you are not aware of what Ipsy is, it is a subscription service. The cost is 10.00 per month. In your subscription you get beauty, skin care, and makeup items, as well as hair care products, and other goodies. You get about five items per month and they always come in a cute makeup bag. 
They have a points system for reviewing the items you get, which you can use on selected items they offer you to use the points on. It is a nice addition to the samples themselves but I don’t like it quite as much as Birchbox’s program simply because you can only choose from items they offer you. 
You take a style survey letting them know your likes and dislikes to help them curate your sample bag. What I like best about Ipsy is that in each monthly shipment you get a small bag, a make-up bag, which is different each month and generally fits the theme for that month. Granted a person only needs so many make-up bags but it is fun to keep the ones you love and gift the ones you do not. 
Also another cool thing about Ipsy is that all of the items you get in your glam bag each month can be purchased for a limited time via the Ipsy website (link will lead to the site selling it at a discounted price by using a code provided on Ipsy for their subscribers only. 

This month’s theme is Beauty Schooled, which is fitting as it is back to school time in the United States. 

Here is the pretty vivacious pink mailer they always send your glam bag in:

And here are the products I got this month:
Isn’t the makeup bag super cute!? But wait there is more: 
Love this month’s items…I will tell you about them soon but first here is a close up of the Urban Decay Perversion mascara …
I can not wait to try this even though it is the third black mascara sample I have received this week in various shipments, and subscriptions. I absolutely love Urban Decay’s product line but have never tried any of their mascara so this will be a first, plus its new to their line, so I am super stoked! 
Then we have a dry shampoo spray by Klorane which I have heard very good things about from other blogs. I already have a pretty good dry shampoo but it is a powder and I am not as good with powders as I am sprays. We will see how this works but I have high expectations for it based on what I have heard.
Next we have a lip balm by Mongongo. It has a light lemony flavor that starts out tasting pretty good but then goes toward a waxy flavor. Don’t worry neither of these flavors last long. The balm however does continue to moisturize for a long time. Good item. 
Next we have a primer from Pores No More. I have used this brand of primer before and can say it is a good one. I just bought more makeup primer too, darnit, this sample is large enough I could have put that off for awhile. 
Finally, eyeshadow by J. Cat Beauty. I love getting makeup samples, especially shadows, liners, lip sticks, etc … but alas my sample was broken. I don’t know if you can tell in the photo, I don’t think you can, but when I opened it the shadow was all cracked and since the pot it is in so tiny, and difficult to open, even harder to open without spilling the shadow!  I won’t be able to use it from this little pot, which is sad as it has a second lid that opens to expose the applicator and even a small mirror! Would have been nice to have in my “to go” make-up bag. However, the color is beautiful, its called half naked and has just a slight shimmer to its champagne color. 
Oh, and of course we can’t forget this months cute glam bag itself! 
The bag is adorable, and I do like it better than last month’s bag which you can find in the review here
If you would like to give Ipsy a try please use my referral link here

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