What’s In The Box? Beauty Box Five Review August 2014

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My Beauty Box Five arrived today! I am never sure wether to call them Beauty Box Five, or Beauty Box 5, or BB5 for that matter. I have seen their name used in all ways. Either way, it’s here, and I am of course blogging about it! So here are the items I got this month:

Purlisse Pur Protect SPF 30
La Fresh Travel Lite Facial Cleansing Wipes
Nanacoco Lip Gloss
ROUX Anti Aging Hair Serum
Style Essentials Nail Polish
The theme on the other side of this card below was Radiant and Remarkable. 
What's In The Box? Beauty Box Five Review August 2014
Here is a group shot of the items un-boxed: 
What's In The Box? Beauty Box Five Review August 2014
I liked the La Fresh cleansing wipes but not as much as I love the Olay cleansing wipes I reviewed earlier here. While they do a job, they don’t do the job the way the Olay wipes do. You will see a photo below where I sampled the lip color on my hand, these wipes didn’t take the color off my hand fully, leaving my hand stained with pink. I will use them, but only as a back up to the Olay wipes I plan to try keeping on hand. 
The Roux Anti Anging Hair Spray, well I don’t know.. the directions say to use after using the Roux Anti Aging shampoo and conditioner, but I did not get samples of those, so … will it work? Anyway, I have hair products I use after washing and I really don’t know if I will use this or not. I mean I WILL give it a chance, will try it, but if you want to send me something that is supposed to be used in unison with other products try sending those products too maybe? K – thanks. Anyway enough complaining, let’s discuss that I have not heard of Anti Aging for hair! Interesting, cool, confusing. I can see treatments like this for the scalp, head skin care, but for the hair itself. Our hair is dead right? Maybe I am out of the know on such things, maybe I need to do research, I probably won’t. I mean I DO take good care of my hair, what I put on it, use in it, products are all my thing after all. I use heat protectant, and other fun goodies like beach spray now and then, but I just am so confused by this product. The aroma is strange, at first it seems rather good, then you get this hit in the nose with a chemical smell. Wait I said I was done complaining, okay now I am done. 
Okay now the lip color, by Nanacoco, is a pretty color, has a nice flavor to it, just a slight vanilla flavor, and the color stays pretty well, far better than the color from Stainiac I got in another subscription box this week. One down side, it is sticky but at least the color has some staying power. Here it is on my hand (which appears to be very hairy in this photo).
What's In The Box? Beauty Box Five Review August 2014
The top color is where I blended it, bottom color is out of the bottle. What I do like is that even if you blend it to get away from the bight color it still stays on the lips. 
So next we have Purlisse SPF 30 Sunscreeen Daily Moisturizer…Love the smell! Blue Lotus, White Tea, mmmmm nice. It goes into the skin very well with absolutely no greasy feel to the skin after. My husband, a lotion snob, would love this, but alas it is mine. I would totally buy this but at 55.00 for 1.7 ounces, OUCH I don’t think I can afford this product at the rate I go through lotion. I don’t know though, the feel on the skin is amazing, almost powdery! I do love this stuff! Total win here form BB5! 
Lastly, we have nail polish from Style Essentials. Ugg they sent me a glittery polish. Not a good idea because I am not that great with painting my nails to begin with, let alone trying to get the glitters even. I don’t even feel qualified to review a product I can’t apply correctly but I will anyway, they sent it to me lol. Its a clear polish with light blue sparkles. It goes on well other than getting the glitters even, which is the same struggle with any glitter polish for me. My daughter has shown me how to do it correctly, but I just don’t have the knack. And why is it any time I color my nails I have an itch somewhere? Why? This also does not dry very quickly either. Anyway I would not use this – will give it to my daughter – its just clear with sparkles. Sure okay maybe I could layer it over another coat of actual color, but I won’t. Not thrilled, although I love getting polish, I prefer a solid color over glitter clear. 
So overall I am not thrilled with this box but it is okay, and fun to try new things, still can’t get over how amazing this lotion is though! I will use more than half of the items in my box, gift a couple items, but am not jumping for joy this month. But hey, other months have been amazing! Here is my referral link if you want to give BB5 a try yourself. 

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