What Color Should You Wear?

What Color Should You Wear?

Color can have a positive or negative impact, on yourself, and on others around you. Yes you should consider what color to wear at certain times. Job interviews, dates, when you are seeing someone you want to turn down, when you are seeing someone you want to accept you, to a million other scenarios, color does make a difference. 

I also run a spiritual blog and have similar posts there about color meanings, and how they effect our energy and that of those around us. 

So this article is about color and fashion, and hopefully you will have a better understanding of just what color to wear. 

Now granted I love all colors, mixtures of colors, blends, prints, etc so there is no hard and fast rule you simply can not wear any given color at any given time, just keep the color rules in mind when selecting your outfit for specific occasions.

What Color Should You Wear?

White: White is a very balanced color. White is a good color for someone who has to remain impartial and non-judgmental in matters. It is an excellent color if having a difficult conversation with a friend or loved one, as it is unassuming and generally non-thretening. White gives the perception of having a cool, clam, and balanced demeanor while also giving off the impression you have insight and wisdom. You are likely to be given more attention, and more focus, if you wear white. This may be a good color to wear to a job interview, depending on what the interview is for. 

Yellow: Yellow is a very vibrant color, and that is exactly how it will make you seem when you wear it! Yellow is cheerful and warm, and will make those around you, if not yourself, feel more energetic, and happy. Yellow helps to increase both mental and physical energy, so perhaps wearing a yellow work out outfit is a good thing, or yellow to the office when you and your team have to be on their game, especially if you work in a creative industry. Speaking of teams, yellow is a color of unity so excellent to wear if you do work in a team based environment. Yellow also helps to gain the confidence of others so it is a great color to wear if you are trying to persuade someone of your ideas or opinions. 

Gold: Perhaps more for accessories, but gold is a color of wealth and industry. Anytime you need to manifest positive change, abundance, or good results, a dash of gold will do! In my spiritual writing I discuss much about the law of attraction, which in short means what we put out we get back, so if you are needing to attract focused results, abundance, wealth, good fortune, or change, wear gold to increase your manifestation of such. All things considered, I have never seen a Wall Street man without a gold watch on! 

Orange: This is a great color to wear if you have to give a public speech! Orange is the color of clarity, communication, and ambition. Not everyone feels they can “pull off” orange so maybe that is why people perceive a person who wears it as a strong capable individual. Remember the colors you wear not only effect those around you, but they effect you as well. Orange will give you a confidence, a glow, and will assist you both artistically and mentally. It is, believe it or not, a good color to wear to a job interview, or if you have pressing legal matters that need resolved. Ironic since a lot of prison outfits are orange! 

Pink: Wearing pink nourishes romance, friendship, and love. Pink can draw out a verbal acknowledgment of one’s affections for you! For this reason it is an excellent date night color. Pink is a warming color that speaks of laughter, friendship, good times, memories, and kinship. This is also a good color to wear, in lighter shades, when visiting an ill loved one as it is very calming and soothing, having a healing effect on others. This is a very safe color, one that does not harm, nor alarm, and says “I am approachable, I am kind, I will listen”. Pink also will draw the attention of potential suitors if you are single. This is just as true for men, as it is for women! 

Red: A color of vitality, passion, fertility, strength, and courage. Wearing red gives you influence over others, and shows you have a good sense of self. People perceive the color red as a courageous color, both mental, and emotional. This color can help you focus on use of your balance and will power and bring about a feeling of bliss. Red is also known as a magnifying color so if worn on a particularly good day can bring even more luck! Red is a color that catches attention and gets eyes upon you! Remember that song “Lady in Red”? 

Silver: This also may pertain mostly to accessories, but like gold, not always. Silver is a cleansing color, that helps ground and balance an energy. Good to wear on days you know are going to be chaotic. Silver can help ease negativity in a room, as it encourages consistency and balance among a group. Silver has a magnetic draw to it, a lot like pink, silver gives the impression that you are approachable and a welcoming person. 

Purple: This color increases your intuition, opening your third eye, so it is an excellent color if you are meeting someone new and want to get a good read on them. Believe it or not, this is an excellent color for a job interview! Purple is the color of nobility, and makes people see you as important, as well as confident. It is also known for drawing financial gains, another good reason to wear it to a job interview. It also helps one assert independence, and there may be occasion where you want to ask for a promotion, or raise, wearing purple could help! It can also help in love situations when you want to discuss your future, and need an upper hand. 

Brown: Brown is one of my favorite colors, and sadly my whole wardrobe used to consist of shades of green and brown! It is a very balancing color, I wear it when I want to feel more focused. Brown helps ground your energy when you feel you are juggling too many balls in the air, or have a lot of demands on you. This color can also help when you want to feel more grounded and closer to nature. Brown helps with indecision, concentration, eliminates misdirection, restores good judgement, and is centering. This is a good color to wear if you have been through emotional upset, or just want to get back to self again. 

Green: A rejuvenating color that projects the positive in life! Green is the color of life and livelihood! Green is growth, development, and progress! An excellent color when dealing with feelings of jealousy in yourself or others around you. Great to clear negative energy due to anger or greed. Green is helpful to promote good luck, prosperity, harmony, and balance. Wear green when dealing with a friend who is upset with you, or when your kids have been arguing! Wear green if you are feeling suspicious of others, or feeling jealous, or when someone has jealousy toward you. Wearing green is not just for the bad times though, it is also for announcing the birth of a child, building or buying a home, or anything having to do with prosperity and fulfillment! Green is an amazing color as it removes the bad and increases the positive in life. 

Grey: Grey is a very clean slate type of color. It is a good color when you do not want to be swayed by the opinions of others, or want to have your own sense of right versus wrong. This color is good to wear when you have more than one path to choose between and need to make a clear minded decision. Grey is not repulsive but also does not scream “come tell me all your thoughts” which makes it a great color to wear when the verdict is still out on something, or someone in your life! It is a good business color because it promotes the idea among others that you are open minded but also cautious. It makes you seem more controlled, and less emotional. Grey allows for clarity letting you see the positives and negatives in any matter or decision to be made. It also disarms others and can neutralize a negative person in your life. 

Blue: Last but not least, when in doubt, wear blue! Blue is a happy go lucky color that gives everyone a feeling of well being. It is good with dealing with emotional matters, especially grief as it increases a feeling of happiness, or health. It is also a very calming and soothing color that makes those around you, and yourself feel peaceful. I don’t know if I have ever met a person who did not like the color blue, at least one of the many shades of it! Blue is a safe color to wear at anytime, for anything. If you wear blue you will find it makes it very difficult for people to lie to you, blue is the color of truth. By the same token, don’t wear blue if you are planning on lying to another person! Blue is a good color to wear if you are going to be with a friend who needs guidance, or a shoulder to cry on. The color blue says to people that they can trust you, that you are fair, honest, and peaceful. 

What Color Should You Wear?

We also all have our “power color” that one color we can wear at any time, for any occasion and just glow, and feel in control of ourselves. Those colors are different for everyone but you may know what yours is! I would love to hear what your power color is and how it makes you feel! Please comment below and talk about it with me. 

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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