Thank you Madison-Reed!

So I am pretty excited! I have been using and loving Madison-Reed products for a while now but I never knew until about a month ago that if you scan the QR Code (click link if you don’t know what those are), you will get a pretty amazing prize! I blogged about it here. Last month my code revealed a 10 dollar credit to which my daughter quickly used. This month I got 25 off at  who just happened to be having free shipping all weekend, and got this amazing bag for only 9.99! 

I have come to love Ideeli and getting a gift code to them was super cool! I knew I was going to get a great deal on something and I had been wanting a black and white clutch or small bag for ages. Not that I need another bag but I could not pass this up when I saw it! 
Now as if that is not a good enough of a deal, get this, I got my last order from Madison-Reed for FREE for using my referral link. So I got my hair color kit, and this Guess bag for 9.99 total. The bag was originally 65.00 and the hair color kit runs 24.95 a total of 89.95 in items for only 9.99. 
Yes I am quite excited to get my new bag, pleased with the great deals, which I almost feel guilty about, but totally thrilled that it is all because of a product I absolutely stand by, and adore! I would not color my hair with anything other than Madison-Reed color kits and I have even tried using other shampoo and conditioner but Madison-Reed’s is the best hands down! 
Give them a try and see what goodies you get in addition to great hair products! 
Thank you for reading my blog and …
Stay Stylish! 

(This post is filled with referral and affiliate links – just FYI) 

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