Revealed Eyeshadow Palette Review

Revealed from Coastal Scents has been compared to the Naked Palettes. The Revealed and Revealed 2 Palettes usually costs 19.95 but are currently on sale for 12.97 each. 

Revealed Palette

I picked up one of each palette but am only testing the Revealed Palette due to putting the Revealed 2 Palette into my most recent giveaway, which by the time this article posts, will be over. Don’t worry, I have giveaways often, and currently have a giveaway for a makeup collection by One Direction which you can find here

Also you will want to be sure to check out the Retail Me Not website for any current discounts offered at Coastal Scents! This is a direct link to the coastal scents coupons on Retail Me Not. 

Coastal Scents also offers a rewards program! If you sign up for their newsletter you get an instant 150 points which equals $1.50 off your order! You get another 150 points for simply registering as a customer which equals $3.00 off your first order, or you can save your points up for something big! Here is the current exchange rate information from the Coastal Scents site:

Current exchange rates:

Each 1 Reward points can be redeemed for $0.01.Each $1.00 spent will earn 3 Reward points.

 So as you can see, the points can add up fast! 

Another tip for you is that when I recieved my order, I also got a sample of four colors from the Revealed 2 palette, and on that was a discount code for 5.00 off on either the Revealed or Revealed 2 collection. This is what promoted me to buy another collection to give away! Now granted you will pay for shipping again, but hey, who can pass up a deal? 

They also sent me this cute sticker which may go right on my computer! 

Here is the link to reviews on the Coastal Scents site, scroll down to see video reviews then scroll more for written reviews. 

So what did I think about Revealed 2? Well first of all this is a large palette! Tons of colors! Twenty colors to be exact! Wow! So many beautiful shades, and far more than you get in a Naked Palette for 54.00 dollars on Sephora. 

Here is the opening of the palette:

Ahhhh the colors! 

I immeadately grabbed a shadow brush to try some on my hand since I was already wearing eye shadow. So as you can see, below, just using a typical sponge type applicator, without any eyeshadow primer, on my hand, the pigmentation is very good! I did some blending of the three colors I chose for my first test of the colors.

I used the sparkly colors for testing because I usually wear matte colors but the palette includes both types thankfully. I need to wear more sparkles but like my matte tones for daily wear. During the writing of this post I have made a snack, uploaded and cropped photos, fed the dogs, watered the dogs, snapped some photos to send to my daughter of her cat that had founds its way to the top of something it should not have been on, and basically used my hands a lot! The shadow has not budged! This means a lot to me because if it is going to stay on my hand through all of that, surely the color will last on my eyelids! Also, the color goes on smooth which is nice. I have to say, the resounding reviews on this product are highly positive and so is mine! I am impressed, surprised, and happy! Overjoyed in fact that I can finally afford a great eye palette with the colors I have lusted after for ages! I do own the Naked 3 palette but I have been wanting the 1 and 2 palettes for a long time now, stealing use of my daughter’s Naked 2 when I could but with her living back at college again, I was worried I was going to have to spring 54 bucks for my own. Not anymore! I am quite happy with this palette, and the Revealed 2 I have on the way again! 

Whoever “won” my drawing for the Vicrotia’s Secret bag, Sephora makeup bag, and all the goods included is also in for a nice surprise! At the time I am writing this the raffle is only hours away from closing and I am so excited to see who is going to get the goods! 

So to Coastal Scents, thumbs up for providing a killer eyeshadow palette that most anyone can afford! 

Thank you for reading my review of the Revealed Eyeshadow Palette and …
Stay Stylish! 

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