Let’s Talk Turbands

Turbands are making a wave amongst those who are fashion obsessed. For that matter they are something quizzical to those who are not that info fashion. I think the first thing I want to say about turbands is that it is indeed fashion, not style, a fad, that will eventually fade out, just like banana clips, or those hair ties with the big plastic balls at either end. 

Of course that does not mean that we are no less curious about them. Let’s face it, some people can really pull them off, and on some of us they just look wrong. No one wants to look as if they are trying too hard, or for people to think we look ridiculous, so just who can pull it off and how do we know if we just shouldn’t try. Before you ask, yes women of any age can wear a turband! Turbands, nor any fad is just for the young. In fact I have seen some older women pulling off the turband better than any younger person! Just in case anyone is lost on what a turband is here is an example: 
Now let’s just consider for a moment the history of the turband. It comes from turban, a religious symbol worn in the middle east. Fashion / fads over the years has come from many different sources, influences, places, countries, etc. When you consider where this new fashion fad came from, you will see that there is no way younger people alone can stake a claim to it. Anyone can wear a turband, the key is how comfortable you are wearing one! 
So instead of asking yourself “can I pull this off?” just know that you can, if in fact you feel good wearing one! You need to know why you want to wear one! Do you want to make some grand fashion statement, are you wanting to add a splash of color to your look, having a bad hair day, going for a bohemian or gypsy look, or do you just like them? Whatever reason you are wanting to wear one, just let that meld into your personality because if you are drawn to them you are drawn for some reason. If you know why you want to wear one you will feel more confident doing so. 
I have seen even younger women questioning if they can pull it off, posting photos on Facebook asking if it looks “okay” on them and every single time I think they look wonderful! It comes down to confidence and that goes for anything from a new style of jeans, to a low cut top. For me, my confidence buster is sleeveless tops because I hate my upper arms. However, I have got past that and have forced myself to notice other women with large upper arms wearing sleeveless tops looking wonderful! Don’t focus on what you are not, focus on what you are. What I mean by that is if you are trying to convince yourself that you can “pull off” the latest fad instead of focusing on all of the younger people partaking in the fad, look more toward the women your own age doing it. Nothing builds confidence more than seeing people you can identify with doing something you would like to do. The reality is the younger people do not have the market on fashion! 
Nor is the fad all that new! 
Just like any other fashion, things do change a little, just like the waist hight of jeans has changed over the years the turban has become the turband, a mix between turban and headband, and I think all women my age remember wearing headbands in the 80’s through the 90’s! So yes, you can pull it off as long as you feel good in it! Sure, you may get some “looks” but some of those looks may just be from women wonder for themselves if they can pull it off! Perhaps they are looking at you as a source for their own confidence, and those who may question your fashion choice, or make off the wall remarks may just be suffering from their own lack of confidence. 
So really the only way the turband can look wrong on you is if you feel wrong in it and it is usually easy to tell who feels confident, and who does not. If you try it out and feel you can’t pull it off, you probably can’t because you will walk out of the house already filled with that doubt. People can see that doubt. I suggest trying to wear one around the house on a weekend, let yourself get used to it before going out and about in one. Let your husband, partner, kids, etc get used to you in one before leaving the house, that way you at least have their approval, approval is a big deal in our lives, that is what can make or break our confidence. 
If all else fails just don’t worry about it, its a fad, it will go away, others will come that you will be better suited for. Besides, I am still waiting for the banana clip to make its comeback in the form of some new fad. 
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Stay Stylish! 

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