LeTote Third Review

This review is about LeTote. Please se other reviews here so you know more about their service which is quite unique! It is like Netflix for fashion! 

I really love LeTote and have found some really amazing items through their service BUT … I wish they would allow for more productive feedback. If so they may have a better understanding as to why I am not keeping some of the items, and be able to send me things I will keep.

First here is what I got in my most recent shipment:

The first sleeveless blouse was really nice! I would have kept this potentially but asked for it to be reshipped another time. Maybe I will keep it at a later time, but right now our season is about to change and I just do not wear sleeveless items enough to warrant the purchase. 

The second top was cute, I loved the pattern but it looked a bit worn and used. These are clothes that have been rented, or at least tried on before and sometimes I feel they could benefit from just doing a deeply discounted close out sale on some of the items. This one was too used looking to warrant the price they want for it. 

The last top was just not exciting at all. It looks cute enough on the model but what doesn’t look good on a model? Its their job to make clothes look amazing! In person it was kind of dull for the price. 

The bracelet was something I was waring as I was packing up the other items to send back and I was going to keep it but alas I noticed last minute, thankfully that some of the black enamel had worn off on a part of it! This could have slipped through quality assurance but I wonder how close they keep an eye on things as I would not have sent the white shirt with black edging either if I worked in QA! 

And then the earrings, which were nothing more than simple ball studs. Don’t need those. 

When you go to “rate” your items all you can give them for feedback is if you liked the style or not and if it fit or not. Then if you want the same item resent at a later time or not. I do not feel that is enough feedback for the company to truly understand why some items are coming back. Granted the turn around time on a new bag is only 2 days, so that is awesome, but now I really want that bracelet and they have lost a sale. I could not find it in the shop they have online but even if I did find it would I pull the trigger and purchase it as easily as if the one I had in my possession had been perfect? Probably not as I always second guess myself when pulling the trigger on purchases. You see the thing about having things sent to you is that it plays upon our immediate gratification, and once that is gone, it gives the buyer a second chance to reconsider! 

I would like to ask LeTote to send me more of the fun funky items they have to offer, at least one maxi dress, or one of the more colorful items in my virtual “closet” which shows which of their items I would like them to send to me. I would love them to know I have been dying for more statement accessories, and sure, I could email them and let them know but I personally feel it should be an integrated part of their web review process. Coding and changing the system aside, this is pretty much why I have not kept anything lately. 

Maybe I need to take a large part of the things I have in my virtual closet out at this time, leaving them less options as to what I like. I may try that. 

Overall I don’t mean to leave a scathing review as I have loved getting LeTote in the mail every four days – two days to ship back – two days to get a new tote back to me. It is a ton of fun, exciting, and lets me keep trying new things in the comfort of my home and I LOVE the way I looked in this dress from LeTote, which was in another article recently on my blog:

They have sent me some of the best items in my closet! So no bad vibes here, just an honest opinion. Maybe I should be happy I am not spending more money though. If you want to try LeTote yourself I do recommend their service. I mean two day shipping each way at no extra cost to you is a great deal for any clothing diva! If you do decide to try them out please help my shopping addiction by clicking my referral link. 
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Stay Stylish! 

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