Happiness Is … A Flat Iron

Not too long ago, maybe about two years ago or so, I didn’t understand why someone would need a hair straightener, especially if they had straight lair like myself. I just did not see the value, let alone necessity of such an item, not until my daughter got one of her own!

Out of curiosity I gave hers’ a try. I absolutely loved it! Not only did it tame some of my frizzes, especially after she introduced me to heat protectant, but it also was easier to use than a traditional curing iron to give my hair so lift and body! Now I prefer to use my flat iron over any other curling method!

My flat iron is a Nume brand. You can find coupons for them all over the web, you can check here for one. My daughter has a Chi, and I like hers more than my own personally, but people also love the Nume band too. 

If you have not tried using a flat iron I say give it a go! I do not like how my hair looks anymore without using it! Be sure however to use some good heat protectant! I use CC Caviar Cream and I swear by it. 

So using my iron today, I recalled how life was before I discovered it and was happy to have one in my life. So today, for me, happiness is … a good flat iron! 

Thank you for reading my blog, and …
Stay Stylish! 

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