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Fashion Beyond Forty Philosophy

Fashion Beyond Forty Philosophy

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Customer Service Is So Important! Spotlight: Madison Reed

You know what matters to me when it comes to any company I spend my money with? Customer service - that's what! My readers know I am a big time fan of Madison-Reed products, their hair color kits, and their shampoo / conditioner set. Well that isn't the only reason I love them. A few times I have used their online color consultant and each time I think to myself "I really should tell my readers just how amazing this company is". This past time I chatted with Samantha via Madison-Reed's live chat service I actually remembered to ask Samantha for permission to show everyone our chat session. With permission granted I want to share with you just how amazing and helpful this company is! 

Chat transcript
SamanthaTue, 8/5/2014 06:13:53 pm
Hi there. How can I help?
JoelyTue, 8/5/2014 06:14:42 pm
Hi ! I would like to go to VENETO LIGHT BROWN - 7NVA I am currently Napoli Brown
is this possible?
SamanthaTue, 8/5/2014 06:15:47 pm
Hello Joely, typically hair color will not lift hair color to a lighter level, usually for a dramatic change after you hair being colored dark, a much harsher chemical/color needs to be used.
We can attempt to transition you into a lighter level but you won't get much lift with previous dye on it, maybe half a shade lighter
JoelyTue, 8/5/2014 06:17:17 pm
Well my natural color is blonde however as I have aged (I am 45) it has become rather dishwater blond with some grey although not much - my color has grown out some as I went from quite long hair to very short - but it always pulls a strawberry color no matter what I do so what would you recommend based on that? :)
SamanthaTue, 8/5/2014 06:18:26 pm
Oh! I see, can you send me a current photo of your hair? I want to ensure we can reach your desired color. When lifting hair color to lighter levels, warmth is exposed naturally!
JoelyTue, 8/5/2014 06:18:38 pm
Of course how do I do that?
SamanthaTue, 8/5/2014 06:18:38 pm
I would recommend a shade with ash tones.
Excellent! send it to attention;Samantha at
Thank you!
JoelyTue, 8/5/2014 06:19:41 pm
Excellent thank you! Also is it okay if I use a copy of our conversation in a future review of Madison-Reed on my blog? I am a huge supporter of MR products!
SamanthaTue, 8/5/2014 06:20:11 pm
Of course! That's great.
JoelyTue, 8/5/2014 06:20:42 pm
Excellent thank you - do I need to send this to attention to anyone specific or just explain what I am trying to do in the email? I am sending it right away.
SamanthaTue, 8/5/2014 06:21:10 pm
Send it to me, Attn; Samantha. I will get :), please
JoelyTue, 8/5/2014 06:21:38 pm
Excellent sending now - its very red at this time
even though I tried to go darker brown lol - it is sent
SamanthaTue, 8/5/2014 06:22:31 pm
I see! Ok, I think I may have the perfect shade for you but I'd like to confirm after the picture! One moment while I look
JoelyTue, 8/5/2014 06:22:48 pm
SamanthaTue, 8/5/2014 06:22:56 pm
I got the pictures!
JoelyTue, 8/5/2014 06:27:06 pm
SamanthaTue, 8/5/2014 06:27:10 pm
That is your current hair color?
JoelyTue, 8/5/2014 06:27:18 pm
yes that was taken two days ago
it was a bit darker less red when I first colored it but it pulls that red undertone - always has when trying to go darker for some reason
then it becomes redder! LOL maybe I was supposed to be a redhead!
SamanthaTue, 8/5/2014 06:28:16 pm
Ok, Great! I'd say that your level is lighter than I expected, which is good for what you are looking to do
JoelyTue, 8/5/2014 06:28:22 pm
oh good!
SamanthaTue, 8/5/2014 06:28:37 pm
I think if we put Veneto on it would help tone down the red, but you still may see warmth!
JoelyTue, 8/5/2014 06:29:02 pm
okay then later can I go to a lighter shade from there?
IF I don't love Vento BUT I think I will as long as I don't continue to pull red lol
SamanthaTue, 8/5/2014 06:29:41 pm
Slowly… It really depends on how well your hair holds color, lifts and your natural color.
JoelyTue, 8/5/2014 06:29:49 pm
the vento looks right about what I would like it to be - I would love to get a brown with just a hint of blonde tones eventually
right so then once I do this - and have it in a while I should contact again and see where to go ?
if anywhere that is
SamanthaTue, 8/5/2014 06:30:21 pm
Many variables so results vary. I would be more than happy to make that change for you.
JoelyTue, 8/5/2014 06:30:39 pm
thank you if you would do that I will place my order right away :)
SamanthaTue, 8/5/2014 06:30:40 pm
you could just consult with us again and come up with a new game plan ;)
You got it Joely!
JoelyTue, 8/5/2014 06:30:49 pm
excellent I appreciate having the help!
Thank you!
I will check here in a minute or so to see if it has been changed and make the order then - thank you samantha have a great day! :)
SamanthaTue, 8/5/2014 06:31:26 pm
Thank you! You are all set
We are glad to help!
JoelyTue, 8/5/2014 06:31:40 pm
awesome perhaps we will speak again bye for now
SamanthaTue, 8/5/2014 06:31:54 pm
Your account page should have your updated info! Bye for now!
Duration: 00:18:17

Isn't Samantha the greatest! She helped me work through my dilemma, and we found a good solution! She even waited for me to upload and mail her photos of my current color, found the email and replied back, right there in the chat! She spent eighteen minutes with me in live chat working out my issue, in the evening no less. 

No my hair does not quite look the way I am aiming for yet, but it is absolutely closer to where I want to be and I do love the color it turned out! I was not expecting my hair to look exactly the way I wanted anyway based on the color I was coming from. It is however lot better than taking a shot in the dark with a store brand hair color! Trust me, before finding Madison-Reed I used store color, professional colorists at salons, for years, and nothing matches the quality, the colors, or the customer service I get with this company! Also, my favorite part, no stinky smell when using this color kit! My husband used to gag at the nasty odor from store bought color and even would sniff my hair and cringe when I came home from the salon! I love natural products and Madison-Reed is just tops when it comes to clean, fresh, even pretty smelling hair after using their color kits! 

Bonus, every time I get a color kit from them, I get a bonus gift, as I have already blogged about here but I am still waiting for my Guess bag I bought for 9.99 on Ideeli to show up (I blogged about that here) and I can't wait to get it - thanks Madison-Reed, you guys rock in so many ways! 

Stay Stylish! 

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