Your Basic Shoe Wardrobe Forty and Beyond

I belong to a lot of fashion groups on Facebook and other places around the web. On one of the Facebook groups I am a member of someone asked a while back “just what is a good basic shoe wardrobe?” I decided to blog about this because I felt it was a good question. 

As we get older we may not want to slip on the 6 inch stilettos, as least not as often anyway. We need a more practical shoe wardrobe but we still want to be fashionable, and yes sometimes sexy! So below is a list of my perfect shoe wardrobe. Granted depending on your activities, work situation and other factors you may need something a bit extra, or different from my personal perfect shoe wardrobe, but this is a good base show collection nonetheless.

Tennis shoes – everyone needs at least one good pair of tennis shoes. I like the kind that are not so bulky with thinner treads that still give decent support. My favorite tennis shoes are Ryka brand. People with issues from neuropathy, to shin splits talk about their success with these shoes. Here is a photo of the type of tread I prefer:

My favorite brand and type of tread! 

Mine are similar to these only in a bit lighter lavender color. Regardless of your favorite brand of tennis shoes we all need a good pair. 

Sperrys or good boat shoes are a necessity in any shoe wardrobe, and they are ageless! Anyone can wear a pair of good classic boat shoes or loafers, at any age and be in fashion! I love my Sperrys, comfortable and easily to slip in and out of, and really go with so many different outfits! 

Sperrys are a must have for me! 
The brand Sperry (not to be confused with the Band Perry) come in so many wonderful colors and styles you could never have too many pairs of them! This makes the boat shoe or loafer truly a must have in any shoe wardrobe! 
Depending on your activities, job, and style a few good pair of dress shoes are a must. Try staying with basic color tones when first building your collection such as nude or tan, black, brown, and white. I personally do not like flats but I do like a low heel that is wide such as these pictured below:

Sandals – there are so many types and styles to choose form anymore and some of them are quite fun but I like to stick with things that are comfortable. For me I stay away from the sandals that go between the toes because they just hurt me but whatever works for you is fine. 
You will want to follow pretty much the same rules as with the dress shoes, having a pair in both tan and black and perhaps some fun colors as well but just like with pumps that not a necessity in getting started. 

As I said there are a lot of types of sandals these days from flats, to wedges, to gladiator sandals. Really I think most of these styles have been around since I was a kid but we now have specific names for them when back “in the day” they were just sandals. 
One type of sandal I love is called a wedge. This basically means you get some height from the sandal without having to be totally uncomfortable or have good balance. 
I have a pair almost exactly like these! 

Add fun colors to your wardrobe as you can! 

And once you have a solid base collection built up you can always add more fun and whimsical colors and styles! 

Now of course there is a whole new shoe wardrobe one would want in the winter months and I can never have enough cute boots but for now I wanted to focus on summer shoes. Also ladies be sure to take good care of your feet! Not only do we want our tooties looking good in our sandals but it is healthy as we get older to make sure our feet are in good condition! Have your doctor check your feet at every visit. 
Thank you for reading and Stay Stylish! 

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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