What’s in the Box – July 2014 Beauty Box Five Review

I am really loving Beauty Box 5 ladies! This is my second month in the subscription and I am planning to continue with it.  It is only 12.00 per month and I am completely happy with the box’s value. 

July’s theme is Defining Moments – I am not sure about the theme to be honest I don’t really get it but the themes usually do not matter to me anyway, just what is in the box! 

Here is what I got for July:

Box Opening 
Card shows each Item in the Box, a description, and the value of the items. 
Revlon Mascara and Coupon, Argan Oil, Nicka K Nail Polish
H20 Shampoo, Body Drench Candy Licious Lips
The run down: Okay first of all the mascara…I already am in love with They’re Real mascara but I do want to try other brands because well, you just never know. This mascara is a good back up for when I run out of my favorite but I would not go out and buy it. Its not bad but its not great and I already have a great mascara. Still it is a full sized product and well worth having as a back up! I also like the added bonus of a coupon, even if I won’t use it, it was a nice touch. If you want the coupon give me a holler and I will mail it to you! 
The Argan Oil – love it, great product! Its funny but I have never had to buy my own Argan oil due to so many places sending out samples of it. I have found some Argan oils to be better than others but for the most part any Argan oil is better than no Argan oil in your beauty stash! This is a healthy sized sample as well! With my short hair it does not take much of it to work for me. I wish the packaging were of a way that I could seal it between uses though. I think that most people would go through it faster than me perhaps. 
The Nail Polish – What a great product! I only put one coat on to test it out and the coverage was amazing and it spread perfectly! I have bad nails, it takes a lot of effort for me to care for them and grow them out a little. When I do get them grown out some they break easily due to the fact that I have brittle nails and type all day long. Regardless, this polish is strong and has great staying power! Also the color is amazing! The red is a great red with a blue hue, as opposed to orange giving it the perfect “valentine’s day” look. I did not have a red polish in my collection so this was a very welcomed addition plus … FULL SIZED! Love love love! The cost for this product is only 4.99 which is far less than I have spent on other nail polishes – totally worth buying more of this line! 
Next we have H2O Bath Aquatics Shampoo – Our family just finished a sample of the H2O brand Shower Gel from last month’s Beauty Box 5 box. Let me tell you that the sample was used up in light speed! Everyone loved it! Especially the men in the family. The scent is perfect for both men and women with a fresh light sea side aroma. My husband asked me to order more. Now I have not tried the shampoo and probably will leave it for the guys since I use Madison-Reed’s shampoo and Conditioner (can’t live without them) but I know that the guys will be asking for me to order this product for them just like the shower gel! Again, another great item from BB5! 
And last we have Candy Licious Lip Balm in Lemon Sugar flavor – can I just say OMG I LOVE IT?! So did my son – so I gave it to him but I will be ordering some for myself! It is only 3.99 for a full sized product, which by the way the balm I got in my July box was also full sized! That makes THREE full sized products in the July box! 
The total value of the three full sized items alone totals 16.97 making the 12.00 spent on the box more than worth it, not to mention the other samples I got. 
Overall ladies I am really quite pleased with my Beauty Box 5 experiences thus far! If you want to try BB5 please use my link posted in the article if you do not mind. I pay monthly but there are discounts if you subscribe for a longer period of time such as the yearly subscription of 99.00 which saves you a total of 45.00 dollars overall. I may be upgrading to this subscription but am still recovering from the cost of a move. 
Thank you for reading and Stay Stylish! 

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