What’s In The Box – Ipsy Glam Bag July 2014 Review

So this is my first Ipsy Glam Bag after a long wait. Not necessarily due to their “wait list” but more due to the fact it took forever to be shipped and in addition to my move during the shipping time, having to have my mail re-directed to my new home. Either way I was excited to get it and excited to do my first review on it. 

Ipsy is a subscription service. It costs 10.00 per month. There is typically a wait list to get into the program but there are ways to skip the wait list such as liking their Facebook page and other little tricks.
They have a points system for reviewing the items you get which you can use on selected items. It is a nice addition to the samples themselves but I don’t like it quite as much as Birchbox’s program simply because you can only choose from items they offer you. You take a style survey letting them know your likes and dislikes to help them curate your sample bag. What I like best about Ipsy is that in each monthly shipment you get a small bag, a make-up bag, which is different each month and generally fits the theme for that month. Granted a person only needs so many make-up bags but it is fun to keep the ones you love and gift the ones you do not. 

So onto the bag for July 2014

Ipsy always comes in a cute pink bubble mailer

Ipsy always comes in a cute pink bubble mailer that is reusable if you open it correctly. I will reuse mine. You never have to wonder what you are pulling out of your mailbox with this subscription service! 

Hot Pink Glam Bag and Style Card

July’s Glam Bag is hot pink vinyl – its cute, easy to clean, with a zip closure. The “style card” isn’t like other subscription service’s style cards in that it does not list out each item in the Glam Bag but instead gives instruction on how to “Tag your beautiful besties so they can join in the fun” – not so helpful for the subscriber but whatever. The card does tell us the theme for the month which is “Sensationally Sunkissed” 

Five samples, one full sized are included in the Glam Bag. I got the following:
Bare Minerals 5 – in -1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow
Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil
Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray
Pixi Mini Tinted Brillance Balm 
Pop Beauty Sunkissed Bronzer
I love Bare Minerals products and use their skin care line and some of the makeup including the loose power foundation. I had not tried their cream eyeshadow so I was happy to get this. The color is a lovely light to medium brown shade going with the theme of the sunkissed look. I think this is a really good product. I have little experience with cream shadows but it has great staying power and also works as a BB cream so it does not crease. Looking forward to working with this product. I probably would never have bought a cream shadow so its cool to get a sample of one. 
As for the Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil, it is only SPF 8 and I guess you are supposed to use it with a stronger sun screen. It is also supposed to make tattoo color pop. As for me, I am so pale skinned I am almost transparent so an item like this is just not something I would need or use. Incoming Spoiler: This item will be going into the Amazing Sample Surprise Giveaway I currently have running on the blog as of today! Be sure to get entered for a chance to win because this giveaway is growing fast! 
I absolutely love Sexy Hair products! I have a few already and I was happy to get this beach spray in my Glam Bag. I do not usually use a beach spray and I am sure my sample will last me a long time because I won’t use it often but it does work even on my thin stringy straight hair! It is a fun styling product that I will enjoy while it lasts for as long as it lasts. 
Pixi why do you always fail me? I do not like your lip balms. No matter how careful I am with them, as I have had them before from other monthly sub boxes, so I know how delicate they can be and I was so careful with this one, but even still the tip breaks off. The melt super easily and are so difficult to keep nice and the lid is known for coming off in purses. The flavor is nice with a light mint taste to it, and the color is alright but a little childish. Even though I do enjoy pinks this one is just TOO pink and the staying power is not there either which is fine since I do not care for the color. Anyway end rant on that item as I do enjoy getting any make-up I can get my hands on but I am so over Pixi! 
Lastly, Pop Beauty Bronzer is a total hit for me! I really like this. When I saw it I was worried it would be far too dark for my fair complexion but it goes on lighter than you would expect. It blends wonderfully too! I use a rather expensive bronzer and while I adore it it tends to power off the palate too easily which means I feel a lot of product is wasted. For this reason I will use the Pop Beauty bronzer on a daily basis and save my more coveted bronzer for hot dates with the hubby, which means that it will probably last for the rest of my life since we rarely get time alone together. Sorry TMI. 
I do appreciate the full size bronzer, really love most of the items in the Glam Bag, and think the bag itself is rather cute and unique for a month sub box service. 
There are pros and cons to all sub services when it comes to beauty and make-up items. I prefer Birchboxe’s point system and ability to use points on any items in their shop which is huge, versus Ipsy’s point system but I enjoy Ipsy’s different bag each month. The higher points going to Birchbox due to the fact that I will eventually potentially get tired of having a slew of bags and I won’t get tired of using my points for anything I want from Birchbox! At the end of the day it all comes down to the items in the sub itself and I think this month I preferred Ipsy’s samples overall to Birchbox’s although I loved most of those as well, although I did not get a full sized product from Birchbox while I did Ipsy so maybe Ipsy actually wins. 
As you can see there are benefits to each subscription service and at only 10.00 per month for each I will keep getting both! If you want to give Ipsy a try please use my referral link if you don’t mind. 
Thanks so much for reading and Stay Stylish! 

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