What’s In The Box – July 2014 Birchbox Review and Coupon Code

Birchbox is a monthly subscription box. You can subscribe monthly or get a discount for a longer subscription. Headquartered in New York City, Birchbox launched in September 2010 and you may have seen commercials on televiosion recently. It seems that Birchbox is here to stay and I am happy for that as I really enjoy my monthly boxes and even more so the point system they have which rewards you points for reviewing the products in your monthly box as well as full sized products you buy from their shop. You can use these points toward future purchases in their shop as well. 

July’s Birchbox brought some unexpected goodies – I was totally surprised due to the fact that I got the wrong box! I still really enjoyed my Birchbox experience this month and upon contacting Birchbox customer service they are sending me the lip color I had selected in addition to allowing me to keep the one I got in my shipment. I had selected the Valentine color but was sent Sugar. Let me digress, this month Birchbox tried something new by allowing subscribers to select one sample of their liking. There were some glitches early on regarding the selection process which may or may not have led up to me getting the wrong color, but either way it was a nice thing for them to try and I really hope they continue to allow subscribers to select one of the samples! 

So here are some photos of my box …

This month everyone got a free year subscription to Women’s Health magazine which is really quite cool. My husband gets Men’s Health magazine and we like it so I look forward to this subscription. Now, if you do not want the magazine you can request a 9.99 refund check to be sent to you in the mail. Tempting but I think the advice in the magazing on health, diet, fitness, etc is more than worth 10.00 so I am getting the magazine! 

So as I started to get into earlier in this post – the sample we got to select from was either a Cynthia Rowley Lip Stain or a nail polish from another designer. At first I selected a lip stain, but due to a glitch I had to re-select my sample, at which time they had added the nail polishes. I then decided to go for a polish, but alas again there was a glitch, so I ended up only being able to select between two lip stain colors. I selected Valentine which I was not thrilled about but later I got a red nail polish from another sample box and then was excited to have a lip stain that would possibly match it. Long story short (not really) I ended up not even getting the color I selected but another color, Sugar, which is a nude/pink tone. Either way I love getting makeup in my subscription boxes so I was happy enough but then I realized that my box had other errors in it. I contacted customer service and as an apology they are sending me the Valentine color too! Anyway this lip stain is extremely creamy, so much so that I had to double check that it was in fact a lip color and not an eye shadow! It really goes on strange like an eye shadow. As for staying power, it is lacking. For me this is a miss and I would not re-order. Maybe the Valentine’s color will work better for me, I will update once I get it. 20.00 retail for full size – so definitely not worth the price in my opinion. 

Another sample I got was a face peel by real Chemistry. I am not generally oe for harsh chemicals and face peels rather frighten me. This peel however is acid free so I gave it a try. I feel it worked pretty well however I need to use up the rest of the sample to give it a fair chance. A full size is 48 dollars so I probably would not buy this item in the future based on price and that I am still nervous about peels. 

The next sample I got was Naobay Body Radiance Lotion retail value 24.00 for full size. It was non greasy and left a pretty sheen on my skin after use. Great for pretty summer legs! I liked the smell although it was slightly lemongrass in the aroma it had a strong enough sugar lemon scent for me to get past any lemongrass issues I have (I do not like lemongrass). The staying power of the aroma was also not strong so it was not a problem for me but if you like the scent of an aroma to linger this may not be the product for you. I did however notice a marked difference between the leg I applied it to and the one I did not. I feel it does the job. 

Next I got Beauty Protector Protect and Treat Mask for hair. This stuff smells amazing with an amber aroma. This is a pampering treatment that you can leave on for up to 20 minutes so probably not for use in the shower unless you take really long showers or use right in the beginning of your shower. I have thin fine hair and this product did not weigh it down. 25.95 retail for full size – may consider buying this in the future. I liked it a lot. 

The last item I got was considered a beauty extra. I am not sure what that means “extra” maybe due to being a Birchbox Ace, which basically means I have spent enough money to get some extra perks such as free shipping, and it is so easy to hit “Ace” status! Either way had I not got the “Beauty Extra” item I would only have received four samples this month although I was sent two of the hair mask samples it would have still only been a total of four products so to me this is not so much an “extra” and thankfully I was sent an “extra” or I probably would have felt a bit cheated this month. So this item is called Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. They are pads you stick under your eyes that decrease puffiness and firm the eyes. I absolutely felt the cooling sensation and I do feel they decreased some puffiness for sure but other than the cool aspect of these being excellent for travel I feel I could do the same thing at home with a washcloth and essential oils, or cucumber. Here is a photo of before, during, and after of the eye gels …

So overall another good Birchbox experience even with the site glitches which is totally forgivable considering they were trying something new that is beneficial to us, the subscribers, the points system which makes Birchbox totally worth it to me, and the chance to try new items I would otherwise never try. During my time subscribing I have found at least two or more great products I could not, would not, live without, so all in all subscribing to this box is totally worth the mere 10.00 per month that I spend on their month to month subscription. If you subscribe for a year you get one box free and 10.00 to use in the Birchbox shop right away! 

If you want to give them a try please use my referral link here and use code WOMENSHEALTH100 when singing up to get an extra 100 points (10.00) to spend in the Birchbox shop. 

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