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I do not often blog about men’s fashion but I had to tell you about Five Four Club. My husband has been an active member with them since May and so far we are really enjoying the shipments. 

Five Four is a men’s only monthly clothing subscription. Their website has a celebrity area in which they feature a lot of celebs who wear their line, yes Five Four only sends clothing from their own private line. The clothing ranges from casual to dress clothing. There is a style profile that you fill out to help them customize your shipments to your needs. It seems the longer that you are an active member the better items you get, at least that has been our experience.

My husband has been sent tee shirts, button down casual, and business shirts, stylish hoodies, as well as extras such as a men’s dop kit filled with samples from skin care to bath and body items for men. In his July shipment he got a pair of Five Four jeans and a button down business casual shirt pictured here:

Styling Card Included
At first my hubby was not sure about the jeans because he typically prefers a relaxed fit but in the past six months he has been experimenting with different styles and wearing designer jeans. This pair is closer to skinny jeans and he is still pensive about them but I rather like them! 
Here is a photo of when he tired them on:
Not the best photo but you get the idea. 
I like how Five Four helps my husband push past his boundaries in fashion without pushing things too far. So far they have done pretty well with customer service processing an exchange for us when an item was too small. They are not as fast as some larger companies but they aren’t a large company so I feel their response time was in line with their business model. Here is another photo of the two items he got this month. 

A Better Shot of the Shirt and Jeans without Styling Card

Every month you pay 60.00 and get well over 100.00 worth of clothing usually around 150.00 to 160.00 while you get far more value than you pay for I try to keep in mind that it is not just about getting a good value but also the experience of getting my husband to try new things. Having been a member of clothing subscriptions has also helped my husband learn how to select more stylish designs while shopping for himself too! 

If you would like to give Five Four Club a try please use my referral link to get 15.00 off your first shipment, and I will get 15.00 our next shipment as well. 
Thanks for reading my blog, and Stay Stylish! 

(This post contains my referral link.)

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