Coach for Cheap Anyone?

My daughter and I love Coach designer bags and we are super stoked that a new Coach Outlet opened up about an hour drive away from where we live. The discounts make the drive totally worth it although we were both already Coach Online Outlet members it is nice to get a hands on with the great deals. 

Here are a few of the bags we recently picked up:

Each of these bags ended up costing around 78.00 after tax. The navy blue tote was bought by a family friend who was visiting us from the UK. He picked up this bag for his mother who absolutely loves it. The bag he picked up was originally over 600.00! The beige with pink bag is my daughter’s, and the light blue bag with white handles is mine. 
I love having a Coach Outlet near by but until just a couple of months ago we had do get all of our discounted Coach bags online. If you love Coach, and are not part of the outlet yet feel free to message me because I can get you an invite (Coach online outlet is invite only). The online outlet is a great way to get in on some amazing deals if you do not have a physical outlet near you. All of those Coach bags you find on eBay and other places are generally either used bags or new bags people have bought from the outlet. No need to get it on eBay when you can get it even cheaper from the outlet itself! 
I do not have a referral link that I can post, invites are by email only, so either find me on Facebook through my Facebook group and private message me, or leave a comment on this post with your email address asking for a Coach Outlet invite. (I will NOT publish this comment in order to keep your email address private). 
Thank you for reading and Stay Stylish! 

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