Wantable Review May 2014

I recently decided to give Wantable a try, especially since they had an amazing deal of only 1.00 for your first box! I jumped on that and there were some issues with their site but they mad good by emailing me a code which worked out fine.
The deal with Wantable is that you pay a subscription fee, like with any sub box, and you get a set number of items. How much you pay and how many items depends on the box you choose. Wantable has the options of a cosmetics box, an intimates box, or an accessories box. I chose the accessories since I prefer to pick out my own underwear lol and I am very picky about my cosmetics! Accessories on the other hand can always be added to my collection!
So here is what they say you will get:
3 to 4 boutique accessories,
handpicked to perfectly match your preferences.
Subscribe for only $36
— or —
One-time purchase for $40
Subscribers will receive monthly personalized boxes and can cancel or skip anytime.
When you sign up you go through a preference profile which is really quite easy but detailed and I liked it. So based on my preferences this is what I got:


The scarf is really pretty and I do not think the photo does the color justice. I am not one to wear scarves often but I did chose “like” on the profile. You can also chose “love” but since I did not chose “dislike” it left it as a possibility for my box. I am happy I got one and will try to incorporate scarves more into my routine. This one however is really nice.
As you can see from the photo in the upper left, as well as the background in the other photos, the jewelry comes in very pretty velvety pouches that I will find useful. I generally keep my jewelry in plastic bags so this is an upgrade, except now my other jewelry will be jealous.
The bracelet is alright, not my favorite item, its a stretch band which is fine but it is rather basic, maybe even slightly cheap looking, although unique as well with the harder look of the metal with the softer look of the beads. I will wear it.
The necklace is interesting and has a leaf like design to it, like little leaves hanging delicately from the chain. I like this a lot.
The earrings, they are nice, and I have some similar to them already although these are slightly unique in that they have the weld effect around the hoops. I will also wear these.
I find everything I got useful for sure! I love the classic with a fun edge design of everything.
I will say I was sort of hoping for a WOW piece or a statement necklace but I know if I keep subscribing I will eventually get one as I did say “love” to those on the profile.
For 1.00 to try the box out I feel I won the lottery!
Also do not forget they do have the intimates box and the cosmetics box if you want to give them a try please use my referral link!
Thank you!

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