What’s In the Box? Wantable June Accessory Box

So I had my June box shipped early since we will be moving at month’s end. This month I received three items. I am assuming I only got three, instead of four items due to getting a watch this month.

Here are the items I got: 

I LOVE the watch with the wood band! I love things made from wood in general so this is a real treat! I knew that they were featuring watches this month but I figured that I would maybe get a rubber banded watch as they are all the rage right now. I am so pleased with what I got! 
Oh and also, the watch has an extender on it – which I had to take off as I have small wrists but I am really happy there was an option for that. 
The ring is multi tone which I love! I don’t think the photo does the ring justice at all.
The earrings are nice too. 
The bangles did not come in my Wantable shipment, I already had those on today. 
So my “issues” well to begin with on my sheet that came with the items they list the wrong watch. It is also listed wrong on the website where you go to review your items. Due to this I am not sure of the true value of the watch. I tried to do some google searching but could not find the same watch. What I do know is that this brand, which is called Narmi, runs anywhere from 8.00 to 18.00 on various sites. The Kizzy watch which is how it is listed on the sheet was supposed to be a retail value of 32.00
Either way I love this watch. 
So due to the watch being listed incorrectly, I can not be sure that the other two items are listed correctly either. I am not a big stickler for retail value versus paid as part of the “value” is in the element of surprise as well as having someone else do my shopping for me. 
The earrings had a slight issue but were a very easy fix, so easy I didn’t even have to ask my husband to fix them. One of the two earrings was simply put on the piercing part backward. I was able to easily unhook it and turn it around. 
The retail value of the ring as listed is 18.00
Retail value of the earrings is listed as 18.00 as well. 
I will use the average of the watches I searched and say the retail value is 13.00
for a total retail value of 49.00
The Wantable box costs 36.00 per month if you do the subscription and 40.00 per individual box. 
With that said I still feel I got a good value because I really love everything I received. I think – barring the watch is not truly a higher retail value – that they could have went ahead and put a forth item in the box though. Like I said though, they did my shopping for me, and I LOVE a surprise! 
When I do the online review on the Wantable site I will be sure to note the errors. 
Overall I am pleased with Wantable so far although last month my items came in lovely velvet pouches and this month they did not. Bummer, I love those things! 

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