My Stitchfix Experience

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Stitchfix is a great way to have a personal stylist select clothing for you based on a profile that you complete on their site.I was not paid to do this review and have paid for my styling fee of 20.00 personally. Once I decide what I am keeping I will also be paying for my clothing that I select.

The idea is that you pay a 20.00 styling fee, they select clothing items based on what you say in your profile, then they send you four to five items based on that profile. I will say they did a pretty good job selecting items for me for the most part. It helps if you have a pintrest board for them to see what styles you prefer. I started late getting mine together for them so they really didn’t have much to go on when selecting my outfits. Still they did alright with what they had.

If you do not like your items you can send them back in a postage paid envelope that they include. Keep in mind if you do not like any of the selections you will lose your 20.00 styling fee! If you keep all of the items you will get a 25% discount on the total of the items.Keep what you like, return the rest, they will deduct your 20.00 styling fee as a credit against anything you do decide to keep.Here are some photos of the package as it arrived and the unboxing:

My Stitchfix Experience

I like the style card included (bottom left), which gives you ideas on how to style your items. The postage paid envelope (bottom right) is how you return any items you do not want to keep.

Here are some of my items:

My Stitchfix Experience

A lovely gold necklace, retail value 32.00, Jessa Delicate Circle Charm Necklace, Bay to Baubles is how it is listed on the invoice.
And the top, Filbert Houndstooth Tab Sleeve Blouse, retail 68.00
More photos to follow but I am sorry for my horrible iphone camera quality. I hope to invest in a new camera soon.

My Stitchfix Experience

So here are more photos of the top along with the pants they sent me which are listed on the invoice as Margaret Emer High Waisted Cropped Trouser.
Then we have …

My Stitchfix Experience

The second top listed as Ivy Tulip Print Tab Sleeve Blouse, retail 68.00, and a cardigan, Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan, retail 48.00, paired with some denim skinny jeans from my closet.
So the total of all of my items, a pair of trousers, two blouses, a cardigan and a necklace came to 213.00

I do like how you could mix and match some of these items and with a little stylizing, which I did not do here obviously, one could have several cute outfits.

My first impression of the necklace was – WHAT? 32.00 for a simple gold necklace? YIKES! But to be honest, I love the simplicity of it. I could probably find one similar to it elsewhere for less though. I am not one for expensive jewelry unless it is something special to me like my wedding band, or a gift from my hubby, for example, but usually I buy cheap costume jewelry as I wear different stuff every day with different outfits. Still, this is a nice necklace that would pair well with just about anything in my wardrobe and could be just what I need. Not decided.

The pants, they are SUPER comfortable but would need different underwear as (don’t think you can tell in photo) they leave a horrid panty line with the undies I was wearing. They are very stretchy and light weight for spring and summer. Not crazy about color I mean I like them but I can’t see them going with too many items in my wardrobe. For the price, I will skip them.

The tulip top, really quite liking this, wearing it as I write this post. It is comfortable, again, light weight, and I can use more prints in my wardrobe. This MAY be a keeper.

The houndstooth henley top is lovely and I really like the fabric. Considering this one as a keeper as well.

The cardigan, well I have mixed feelings and an issue with it. First of all it came stained:

My Stitchfix Experience

No that is not bad lighting, nor a smear on my mirror, nor my crappy iphone. That is in fact some kind of smudge stuff on the cardigan itself. Sad. I don’t know if these items get tried on by others then sent back, sent back out again to another customer without being cleaned or what. Either way I have to send back and that sort of irks me due to if I had wanted to keep everything I am not sure if I would no longer qualify for the 25% off. I am sure if I wanted to keep everything and contacted customer service at Stitchfix they would make it right with me but I am not keeping everything so I won’t bother with worry over it. Now, I may have kept the cardigan, but it is rather long on my short 5 foot 3 inch frame. Although you can see it can be tied up:

My Stitchfix Experience

I do like it, it is super light weight but good quality, in fact all of these clothes seem to be of good quality. I will have to really do some thinking on what to keep and what to send back. I may just keep the one thing I didn’t think I would like – the necklace. After my 20.00 styling fee that means I pay only 12.00 more. Still wow 32.00 for a small dainty gold necklace makes me cringe.

Anyway I will figure it out – what I want to keep that is.

But that was my first Stitchfix experience – I say it is worth giving them a try. I will try them again myself at some point and let you know how my second round is! I do love this idea, the service, the ability to send back at no cost to me, the packaging, the styling cards, all in all the quality of all items are worth the price as well.

Give them a go and please use my referral code.

My Stitchfix Experience
This is what I decided to keep:
Selected the necklace because I didn’t want to take it off and part with it, and the Filbert Houndstooth Henley top. 
I had just received some super cute earrings that match through Little Black Bag, which I would link but I heard they are shutting down their site in a couple of weeks, which is sad. The shoes were a trade deal from a friend on Facebook who I met through a clothing trade group! So I am pretty happy with what I have decided to keep. 
My cost, after my 20.00 credit was 70.00 which is a bit steep for me to be honest, so this is a splurge. A top and a necklace for 70.00 which I could have easily dropped at the local boutique I suppose. Still, the experience and fun of it all warranted the cost. I am still let down though as I totaled it up, had I bought everything they sent, and got the 25% discount I would have had all five items for 160.00 which was tempting considering it would only have been 90 bucks difference. 
I see how they tempt to you to buy it all! Anyway I will probably stress about this for a day or two wondering if I should have bought the whole bag or not. Still, with the cardigan being stained and the pants showing the panty lines, I am happy with the outcome of what I kept.

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