My First Thredup Experience

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So recently I discovered 
On this site you can sell or purchase quality used clothing.
It is unique in the sense that unlike listing your own items for sale they send you a bag and you place your quality items in this bag, send it back, they list the items and sell them for you. You can find out more about that here.
I have only bought clothing on this site once but my experience was wonderful and that is what I am sharing with you today, although in the future I may order a bag to clean out my own closet!
I bought six items and used a 10 dollar referral credit bringing my total paid to 46.94 – for that total fee I received two tank tops, a pair of cute dotted leggings, an Ann Taylor Loft skirt, an Ann Taylor Loft summer dress, and a Stanley Blacker skit suit! Six name brand products for under fifty bucks! The summer dress was originally 60.00 and the skirt suit originally 89.00 so I feel I got a heck of a deal!
The quality of the items were as described all being in new condition with the exception of the leggings which were described as having light fading, which was true. The skirt suit is a bit small on me but I willingly took that gamble when I selected it and plan to have some alterations done to it so that it will fit.
Here are some pictures of a few of my items:

AnnTaylorLoftCasualSkirt BlakerSuit AnnTaylorLoftSummerDress

I am thrilled with my experience! If you use the link provided, which has my referral code attached, you can save 10.00 off your first purchase too!
If I decide to get a bag to send in some items myself I will write a post letting you know my experience.

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