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A few times a year Modcloth (a SUPER cool vintage inspired online clothing store) has a glorious thing called Stylish Surprise. I discovered it last month. Stylish Surprise is a deal where you pay 10.00 per item – get as many items at 10.00 as you wish EXCEPT you won’t know what you are getting! It is a grab bag style sale.

You select your size, and I do love that Modcloth offers sizs ranging from Small to 4X, then it is up to the luck of the draw what you get. Modcloth does promise your item will be at least a 29.99 value though so either way you will get something worth 10 bucks!

Now, I do not have any inside info here but my assumption is that they do this sale during seasonal changes to clear out inventory space for new stuff, but that is just my guess. Their last Stylish Surprise sale was in March and I am keeping my eyes wide open for the next one because all in all, I feel I got a great deal!

I don’t want to really discuss how much I spent, but I can tell you I got every dollar of my money’s worth. I even sent a Stylish Surprise to a friend and she got a gorgeous dress that she loved!
Here are some of the items I got:

Modcloth Stylish Surprise

So I was not really in love with the last item you see here above, the cardigan, it was not really my color and it was a little large on me but I can swap it, or gift it, and it is VERY soft and warm so maybe I will keep it and wear it around the house in winter. The lace dress and maroon dress went to my daughter, as did a coat, I gave a coat to my mother, traded off another coat, and kept the cape and black dress for myself.

I will say I hit the coat lotto here! Not everyone who bought Stylish Surprises got so many coats, in fact I would not have minded more dresses but hey, like I am going to complain about coats that range up to over 170.00 bucks retail for my mere 10 dollars? Heck no!

I have already warned everyone in my home that next time Modcloth does a Stylish Surprise I am spending at least 200.00.

Oh and they also do an apartment as well as a shoe Stylish Surprise but all of them sell out super fast and my size in shoes was already nearly gone when I got to the site. In fact I had two size 7.5 in my cart and by the time I could check out one of them had disappeared leaving me with only one pair of shoes for 10.00 which was a bummer but I got the cutest booties!

Modcloth Stylish Surprise

I just love them! Unfortunately I also was too late getting into the deal to get any apartment items but they can range from a pillow, to a book, to a picture frame, to a full sized blanket!
So if you are like me, and love an excellent deal, are not afraid to take a fashion risk, and love a surprise, keep your eyes open for the next Stylish Surprise go around!

And if you want to check out the Modcloth website in the mean time please use one of my links which gets you and I both a 15 dollar credit on their site!

“Give $15, Get $15 – Get a $15 credit for every new friend you introduce to us who makes a purchase of $50+. They’ll get $15 off their order too!”

Update 2016: I did keep the cardigan and it has become my favorite around the house cardigan for bundling up in cold weather! I even got used to the color. 

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