Madison Reed Review May 2014

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I did not color my hair because it needed a refresh. In fact I don’t know how Madison Reed can make any money considering how long their color stays true! Also my hair grows very slowly so I do not have to touch up my roots often.Here is my hair when I colored it last time with Madison Reed using Portofino Red color:

Madison Reed Review May 2014

And here is my hair just this week before coloring again:

Madison Reed Review May 2014

Still beautiful!

So before my color could even fade enough to need to color again I decided I wanted to go a little darker so I selected the color Catania Brown

Madison Reed Review May 2014

Here is my result:

Madison Reed Review May 2014

I am in love with Madison Reed hair color and their shampoo and conditioning products!

Not only does my hair feel more healthy, full, manageable, and full of life but the colors are amazing and do not chemically corrupt your hair!
Plus, I love a hair product that outlasts my own interest in the color. Don’t get me wrong, the colors are vibrant, multi faceted and absolutely gorgeous but I tend to want a new color every month and finally I have a product that will let me do this without damaging my hair!

ImageMadison Reed Review May 2014

If you color your hair you have to do yourself a favor and give them a try, seriously! I was not paid for this post although I have used my referral code in the links provided.

Oh and they have always sent me a coupon for their shampoo and conditioner after buying the color, this is a must have for me! I adore the scent and the way it makes my hair feel! You will get a sample of each in your color package so you can try before you buy.

Here is what your color package will look like:

You will get a wipe that takes off color from the skin, you get TWO sets of high quality rubber gloves that will not break on you as you color or rinse, a cap to keep the color off clothing, skin, and furniture, barrier cream to protect your skin, along with the coloring product, shampoo, and conditioner samples.

Give it a try – it is a subscription service but you can set your next shipment months out and their customer service is amazing if you want to cancel they are super easy to get ahold of on the phone or email!

Please use my link and we will BOTH get 15.00 to use toward Madison Reed.

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