Madison Reed Hair Color and Coupon Code

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My daughter sent me a free box of hair color via a Facebook app called Wrapp
I gave it a go.
The color came from Madison Reed.
Right now (and I don’t know how long this is good for) you can use code MR20NOW to get 20% off and a free gift with your purchase.
While the offer for a free color is no longer valid – unless they run that promo again – I will say that the investment of  24.95 – less discount – is worth it!
I love the color I chose! It is deep, and rich, and no where near dull or one bland color!
Here are some before photos of my hair color – from an under 10.00 box at a local store:
Madison Reed Hair Color and Coupon Code
My Hair Before Madison Reed

Pretty enough of a color considering it is a flat color – reddish brown, nothing “wrong” with it but check out the color with Madison Reed which is by far more the color I was going for when I bought the 10 dollar box!

Madison Reed Hair Color and Coupon Code
My Hair After Madison Reed
This is what I was going for with the cheaper box of color! The color ON the box of cheap color was like this but that is not how it turned out and as you can see the Madison Reed color has depth, is multi faceted, and picks up different hues and tones in the light!
I will say I think I took far better photos the first time around but oh well what can I do with an old iphone that barely works? I must get a better camera soon!
Granted there is nothing really wrong with the less expensive box from the store, it was lovely enough and I liked it but it dulled and dimmed quickly leaving me with a lifeless bland look. This color has more staying power. Plus look at all it comes with:
Madison Reed Hair Color and Coupon Code
Madison Reed Color Kit
Not only does it come with a sample of their shampoo and conditioner which is all natural, it comes with two pair of really nice gloves! If you color your hair you know you need TWO pair! One for the coloring and one for rising out the color. No more trying to take off those paper thin gloves, which turn inside out, only having the goo get all over your hands, having to wash them off, then find a way to get the gloves right side out for the rinse! Two pair of THICK well fitting gloves! A barrier lotion to keep the skin safe around neckline, ears, and forehead! I had tons left over so they give you plenty. A wipe that gets off any color that gets on the skin, and it does work very well! You also get a hair cap! Yes a cap to protect your clothing, and furniture from any damage!
Here is more info on this color system: CHECK IT OUT.
There is a system here to match your current brand.
I am personally happy with my color and the quality of the products.
After ordering the color I received an email offering half off their shampoo and conditioner which I purchased too. I am glad that I did I love the way it makes my hair feel and look and it smells AMAZING!
Madison Reed also has a stylist who will help you select your color if you want.
If you color your hair at home, just check it out! It is the best thing next to getting a professional color and I may even say better than that with a little more time with my new color!
If you us my link here I will get a credit on my next purchase which I would appreciate since I plan to use this color system time and again!

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