Golden Tote May 2014

A quickie review for Golden Tote this month as I am currently packing to move, which means I am living among boxes stacked upon boxes. It is not very conducive to clear thinking or writing. I really liked my May tote! This is the last month I will be splitting a tote with my daughter, although I may get her an add on item here or there, she has enough clothes!


The Golden Tote – Tote and Styling Cards for our two selected items for May.
Love the styling cards! It is fun to see how many of the items or items similar to suggested items I have. Also gives good ideas to accessorize the clothing.


My chosen item and Emma’s chosen item for May 2014. We both got a blouse!


One of my Daughter’s Surprise Items! Love it! Excuse some of our unexcited looking faces, we really did love our stuff but we were mid packing this day (still are).


My two surprise items for May! LOVE THEM! I really did not think I would like the chevron tunic but I LOVE it!


My daughter also got the Puella tunic / dress (lower right corner) which I did not get a photo of her wearing before we traded it but here is Emma in another awesome dress we traded for or bought from another Golden Tote Facebook group member:


Verdit is – buy, sell, trade, LOVE Golden Tote!
What fun to try things you do not think you will even like but end up loving!
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