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Fashion Beyond Forty Philosophy

Fashion Beyond Forty Philosophy

Monday, June 9, 2014

Eco-Armour Shave Foam

Occasionally when I find a great product from a subscription box I want to highlight it.

In April I received an amazing item in my Birchbox subscription and I am so impressed with it I have to share! You can view the original post on that subscription box here.

You can buy the product directly from the Botanical Shaving Products website here.

Or you can buy it on Birchbox and shave some money off your total, (pun intended) by accumulating and using points, which is what I do!
Here is a photo of the product I love and recommend
This shave foam is amazing, simply put. I have ultra sensitive skin. I am pale, I have psoriasis, and I break out in those irritating, painful, and unsightly red bumps when I shave. Shaving the legs was okay but under arms and bikini line was horrible! Since finding Eco-Armour I am in heaven! I actually look forward to shaving! No more a sometimes shaver because of this miracle foam!
Now keep in mind before you buy it and try it, it does not crate a heavy foam like you are probably used to but it works! And a little goes a long way! Even if it does not foam up and leave a heavy thick muck on your skin for your razor to work through, it is silky, sheer, and soft.
Not only does this product do wonders for the actual shaving experience it has a lovely aroma and comes in three scents, all work equally well. I know for sure because I bought the product in all three scents after first trying the mint eucalyptus. I was naturally concerned that maybe somehow the other two scents would not work as well due to differences in botanical elements, but they do! Also due to the botanical ingredients it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and refreshed! Here is a link to the ingredients in this Botanical Shave Foam.


I truly wish I had taken a before photo of my skin after shaving but to be honest I really did not expect this product to work any differently than any other. Had I not got it as a sample in my Birchbox shipment I never would have known about it and even had I known of it I probably would not have paid the price for it. However, if you have the same type of problems I do with shaving, or if you just want a perfect shave period, get this NOW!
Again, I really suggest subscribing to Birchbox, collecting points, which is super fast and easy if you review your samples, then using the credits for your shave foam
(I have used referral links in this post - I need more shave foam after all!)

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