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Finding a good pair of shorts that do not make you look like a granny, yet do not make you look like your trying to pass yourself off as a nineteen year old is difficult! Even my nineteen year old does not like a lot of the shorts in the stores these days. They are too short! Okay okay yes, shorts, are supposed to be short, but they don’t have to ride up, inching uncomfortably up your inner thigh, or be riding up the back! 

I found the perfect pair of shorts and wanted to share them with you. They are from Lucky Brand, the style is called Laguna. They come in a lot of different colors and some of them have other styling to them such as intended to be there rips, stitching, etc. I love that these are rolled up at the ends, and they STAY rolled up! I am not constantly adjusting them. They do not ride up the thigh or at the rear. They are roomy and sit at the right place on the waist, not too low, not too high.

I picked up a white pair at a huge discount at TJ Maxx and loved them so much I went online to Lucky Brand and bought them in blue denim as well. 

I will say they do not run small, or run to fit teens! I love that! It is hard to find a good pair of shorts that fit a fuller figure or someone with some womanly curves. Even if you are not curvy they just fit perfect without looking like you are trying to be Daisy Duke! I would suggest trying them on in person if you can as I do feel I could have sized down one size. I bought mine in size 12 and I could probably pull off a 10 in this brand. I also feel that the white ones fit a bit smaller than the blue ones but yet they are the same brand and style. That would be my only “issue” with these shorts.

Overall it is nice to have some shorts that fit correctly, feel comfortable, and I do not constantly have to adjust them. Most of all I feel they are age appropriate,  not making me look older or younger than I am. 

Here are some photos: 

Sorry for the poor photos. Shorts paired with Porridge Nautical Top from Golden Tote.
Please comment and let us all know your favorite shorts, brand, style, type, etc. I would love to hear from you about your fashion finds! 

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