Dig out the Denim – Jean Jackets Never out of Style

I have donated, sold, traded, so many denim jackets over the years and now I wish I had kept a few! Denim jackets are making a come-back, or maybe they never went out of style. Either way they seem to be here to stay awhile longer. Granted the cuts have changed a little, but if you have some old denim jackets laying around dig them out of wherever you have them stored and give them a go again! 

I just received my new denim jacket from H & M today, after coupon codes and their sale price I paid under 30.00 and with this Summer Stripped Dress from Golden Tote I feel it really makes the outfit. Truth be told I probably would not have kept the Summer Stripped Dress if I did not have this jacket to pair with it. I could have saved 20% more had I payed attention and signed up for the newsletter to H & M before completing my purchase but I was slightly brain dead the day I ordered. Always sign up for newsletters first! I knew this but just forgot. Ugghhh 

Dig out the Denim - Jean Jackets Never out of Style
Sorry for the cheesy grin, my daughter made me do it. 
I choose to buy a light blue jacket because I really wanted a blue one and a white one, but the white one on the site was sold out in my size so I split the difference and saved money going with this light colored blue jacket. I am happy with it. 
Denim jackets are being paired with everything these days, from light summer dresses, and sun dresses to shorts if your denim jacket has more of a cropped style. As memory serves, back in the day, we pretty much wore them with jeans, which I never really cared for because it made me look like one big sheet of denim! This way of styling makes much more sense to me! 
Now granted it is possible some of your older denim jackets may not make the cut in today’s styling, it may be due to the cut of the jacket itself, but stop by our Facebook page for help if you are not sure! We have tons of ladies there who are more than happy to give their wisdom on styling and they are so friendly! 
Or if you have some denim to sell or swap join us here at our swap group
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