Birchbox April 2014 Limited Edition Free for All

The Box in a Box
The Box in a Box

I paid for my Birchbox. This review is my opinion only. This review includes referral links.
It is here! Thank you Birchbox for the fast shipping!

The Box Out of the Box
The Box Out of the Box

This is a special Birchbox which I understand they offer a few times a year.
This one is all natural products – one of my favorite things!
My box included 8 awesome items!
I read elsewhere that there had been some spillage issues in the past. Perhaps that is why some of the items were individually wrapped in a protective bubble wrap. Both to protect other items from spillage and to protect glass bottles from breaking. Either way, I was pleased with the wrapping of the items!

Safely Wrapped and Packaged
Safely Wrapped and Packaged

The items in my box included:
A makeup pouch from FEED, Jurlique Purely Bright Radiance Cream, Alima Pure Lip Tint, LOV Organics Tea, W2LL People eyeliner, Shamanuti Charcoal Cleanser, Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover, and Eco Aromur Shaving Foam.

The Goods!
The Goods!

The box has a card that details each item included.

Details on Flip Side of this Card.

Here are the details on the 8 items I got in my box:
FEED – Feed 10 Pouch – FEED products provide nutrition to children globally. This natural burlap pouch gives 10 school meals!
Jurlique – Purely Bright Radiance Serum – Formulated with botanicals grown on Jurlique’s own farms in Australia, this antiaging serum brightens and prevents dark spots.
Alima Pure Lip Tint in Rhubarb – Rich in organic plant oils, this silky balm nourishes while adding a sheer wash of rosy color.
LOV Organic Assorted Teas – These organic blends are designed to help you detox and reboot.
W3LL People Hypnotist Eyeliner – An all-natural high-performance eye pencil that glides on velvety-smooth and flatters all the skin tones.
Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser – This natural liquid draws out impurities and gently exfoliates using charcoal, Great for sensitive skin.
Karma Organic Spa Nail Polish Remover with Soybean Oil and Tea Tree Oil – A nontoxic formula that throughly dissolves nail polish without harsh chemicals.
eco-armour  Shave with Benefits Foam with Mint and Eucalyptus – This tingling lather is loaded with skin-calmin aloe and lavender for your smoothest shave ever.
Okay so opinions – the Pouch is really cool although not glitzy or glamourous I rather like the raw feeling of the materials this pouch is made from and it feels like it will live through some abuse. Its roomy and cool. I will absolutely use this replacing the small rather cruddy makeup bag I carry in my purse now.
Bright radiance syrum – I have not had a chance to use yet – but once I do will use it regularly until I use it all up to see if it is a good product or not. What is good for one is not necessarily good for another but I find with any antiaging routine you need to mix it up now and then – so for that I am happy to have another product in my stockpile of ways to rid myself of the mid 40’s attack of fine lines and wrinkles!
Lip Tint – I like this – its a great color for just about any complexion – its not a POW color by any means but leaves a nice feeling on the lips with a slight boost of color. The flavor is natural cocoa which I love, my husband hates, he will survive.
LOV Teas – first off, the O in the LOV has a line through it and while perhaps I could have scoured for a way to find that special “O” there are other “O’s” I would rather spend my time achieving. Regardless, sorry for any confusion my “O” may have caused. I have not tried any yet and as a former tea blogger I am curious although I am more of a loose leaf tea connoisseur, I will give this brand a go. Their tea is more geared toward a feeling or need rather than telling you exactly what is in it, which bothers me some, but I will get over it. I am sure it is very good and am thankful they sent four different flavors to sample. Organic tea is always best.
W3LL People Eyeliner – its a black eyeliner, I tried it on my hand, it does feel smooth, glides on well, will work for me, plus again, organic, I mean hey if you are going to put something so close to your eye it sound be organic right?
Here is a photo of the lip tint and eyeliner on my hand –

Lip Tint and Eyeliner
Lip Tint and Eyeliner

Charcoal Cleanser – I can’t wait to try this! This is sort of new “out there” in skin care – well maybe not to the Europeans – but whatever, I am anxious to give it a go and seems to make perfect sense that it would work well!
Nail Polish Remover – Okay I am in LOVE with Tea Tree Oil! I use it for so many things from cuts and scrapes as it is better than Neosproin for that, I use it for dry skin including psoriasis, eczema, etc. Anyway I will try anything with Tea Tree in it – oh and by the way Tea Tree is not from a tea plant that you drink. This nail polish remover is both frustrating and awsome. Let me explain: It takes longer to remove polish than your regular run of the mill nail polish remover so be ready to spend a little time, not forever but a little longer. You want to put the remover on with a cotton pad, and let it sit for a few minutes, which is great for your skin and cuticles, so no harm there! Then it wipes off rather easily but if you want to do a quick removal, re-polish and run, forget about it!  However if you respect the product and what it can do for your skin and cuticles then you will love it!
eco-aromur Shave with Benefits foam – can’t wait to try it – so far in my lifetime NOTHING has made it so I don’t get terrible razor burn, especially around the bikini area! I hope this does the trick!
So overall I love this special edition Birchbox!
If you decide to get one please use my referral link here.
More Photos:

All FEED products show the number of meals you provided! This item gives 10 meals!
All FEED products show the number of meals you provided! This item gives 10 meals!

Blurry Pic of Nail Polish Remover
Blurry Pic of Nail Polish Remover

The Teas
The Teas

Once again - The Goods!
Once again – The Goods!

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