Been there Done That – the Retrofit of Fashion

Has your tween to teen daughter, or maybe son rolled into the house one day wearing something that sent you back a decade or more? 

Have you ever looked at something they were wearing, or perhaps online, or in a store and thought to yourself “I had clothes exactly like that when I was younger”. 

This often sends a person scourging their closets, cedar chest left to them by their grandmother, or looking at old photos just to prove that at one time, fashion was exactly the same. After all, everything comes back again. The catch is however things are not exactly the same. Cuts are different, lengths vary, waists are worn lower now, and yes the cloth blends are cheaper. I still have a sweater from Britannia that is holding strong while other sweaters I purchased a year ago are falling apart. I don’t even want to get started on all of that though, clothes as well as other things just used to be made better. 

Today however we have a resurgence of not just the 70’s, nor the 80’s nor even just the 90’s. What we have is a mish mosh cumulation of all eras, even going back as far as the 40’s and 50’s in some groups of fashionistas, loving the mod vintage vibe. These days, pretty much anything goes, which I truly enjoy for many reasons but the main thing to understand is that it is not always, not usually okay to just pull those old garments out of the closet and toss them on without a thought. I can pretty much guarantee that if you pull out your jeans from the 70’s your kids will run screaming. If not, they will probably take them, look them over, and find some ways to reinvent them. Wearing them “as is” would not usually be the case.

My daughter loves vintage clothing although often she rather finds humor in items we find at the vintage shops. She has yet to wear her brown hat in public but yet she can’t let go of it. Some things are just not “today” or “trendy” while other things are but that is the fine line between what is in, and what is out. The white hat, I am guilty for. I figured if the Queen ever invited me for tea I should be prepared.

Fun with Vintage Hats
Fun With Vintage Hats

Today young people do want to look hip, rad, cool, pretty, darling, insert any adjective here … but they do not want to look like they are wearing their parents clothes! High waisted pants are coming back however they are cut to fit the bottom different, the legs different, and yes the fabric, even if not as high quality, is also different but that is what the kids enjoy today. Fabrics being higher quality also were thicker, heavier, burdensome, and also hot in the summer. Today fashion is also about comfort. From the Bohemian look, to Hipster fashion is about self expression and fun and it is okay at any age to give some of “todays” styles a try!

Moral is, don’t be offended when your kids say that their style is nothing like yours “back in the day” just smile and agree because even though there is a smidgen of truth to that we all know where the ideas sprang from! Also don’t be to harsh to criticize when they want todays styles instead of wearing your old duds. Again, smile and agree because soon enough their kids won’t want their “awesome” clothing either!

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