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Friday, September 30, 2016

How To Review On Amazon And Get Things Free Or Discounted

I am often asked about being an Amazon reviewer. How I got started, where I find product to review, and many other good questions.

I know when I first started I stumbled upon the whole process because of my blogging. The issue for most however is that they do not have a blog, so knowing where to begin is a challenge. 

I have found that those who do know how to do it can be very tight lipped, as if they are protecting some deep secret! That does not seem fair! There are plenty of products, and sellers on Amazon looking for great new reviewers! 

This article is set forth as an intention to help out the beginner, and possibly give some new information to those who are already reviewing on Amazon. 

Free or Discounted Down Coat For Amazon Review
I received this down coat free or discounted on Amazon for my review. RTV 99.90 

So let's begin:

Sunday, September 25, 2016

What I Am Wearing Today #7 Sunday Pajama Edition

Disclosure: This article contains Amazon affiliate links. 

Hello ladies! Well today is a lazy Sunday and I am working the night shift, since hubby is. So today for me is really just beginning and being that it is still Sunday I am going to spend it in my new PJ's from an Amazon seller. 

Now I am going to confess I was not overly excited about receiving these Pajamas for review but when they arrived I could not believe how lucky I was to be the recipient of these amazingly comfy PJs

Victoria's Secret - eat your heart out! 

What I Am Wearing Today #7 Sunday Pajama Edition

I receive a lot of items on Amazon both things I buy myself and things free or discounted for review and sometimes I am just so taken away and surprised at the quality of an item I have to share it with my readers here. This is one of those one in a hundred items blew me away. I mean sure its just a PJ set but it is such high quality from fabric to stitching! Every detail is perfect.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

RealHer Empowering Makeup That Inspires, Cruelty Free Too!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, I also received free product to facilitate this review. 

RealHer makeup says that they are more than just a makeup brand, but more so, a movement. I think they are right!

First of all 20% of all gross profits are donated to charity. If that is not reason enough to consider purchasing from them their makeup is also cruelty free, paraben free, and the most fun part... their products each have an inspiring quote on them to remind you just how amazing you are. 

RealHer Empowering Makeup That Inspires, Cruelty Free Too!

I know it sounds like a rather simple idea, but there is something to be said about reading "You Got This" when applying your lippie! Sometimes reading that gentle reminder is the motivation we need to keep pushing through the day!  

Outdoor Fun Time With The Furkids

Can you believe that it's Autumn? I can't, and for good reason, we are still mowing the lawn! It's alright though our precious Lyla loves riding on the mower with her Grandpa Daddy. Lyla is actually our daughter's dog but since Lyla grew up here she stayed with us when our daughter moved into her own place, so now we have taken on more fitting names for ourselves, Grandpa Daddy and GrandMommy. 

Outdoor Fun Time With The Furkids

Don't worry we do not have the blades running when precious is riding on the mower. We would never endanger our little one. Lyla loves car rides and riding on the lawn mower. With the weather we are having we are sure she will get at least one more ride in before the grass browns and the need to mow is over for the year. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What I Am Wearing Today #6

Disclosure: Amazon affiliate links are used in this article. 

Do you know what's hot in fashion for this Fall season? Plaid! That's right an updated look to the good ol' flannel shirt makes Plaid all the rage this year. Personally I always enjoyed wearing a comfortable, warm, flannel shirt but the design of this shirt is far from the look, and feel of traditional flannel tops. 

This lovely draped cross over plaid shirt by Glostory is made with 100% cotton. It has a super cute draped asymmetrical v neckline, with button sleeves that can be rolled up. Paired with blue jeans I am fashionably ready for the cooler Fall weather. 

This blouse is currently for sale on Amazon for only $18.03 with free Amazon Prime shipping. 

What I Am Wearing Today #6 Fashion Beyond Forty

Monday, September 19, 2016

Top 3 Skincare Picks Of 2016

Over the past year I have had the great honor to be able to try many different lines of skincare products from many different brands. I wanted to share with you my top three favorite skincare lines of 2016 and tell you why they are my favorites. Maybe you will find a new line of skincare for yourself in my list!

My first pick for best skincare line is Derma e. Please read some of my other articles about Derma e.
The photo below are my personal products from Derma e, some which I received free for review but most are products I have purchased on my own having gone through my free product, or just simply wanting to try more of the product line. I have other derma e products in my shower that I use in addition to the below pictured facial line. 

Top 3 Skincare Picks Of 2016 #1 Derma e

What I love about Derma e: 

Works wonders on my skin.
All natural ingredients.
Cruelty free. 
Specialized product line for different skin types.
Products for face, and body. 
Wonderful aroma. 
Very affordable. 
Has saved me from psoriasis break outs! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

What I Am Wearing Today #5

Disclosure: Amazon affiliate links are included within this post. 

Hello, Happy Monday friends! I hope your week is fantastic! Today's What I Am Wearing Today features more Amazon fashion. As a fashion blogger I receive a lot of offers for clothing from many sources. Some nice high dollar items are offered, and sent to me, however there are a lot of great finds on Amazon for a lot less money! Today I am featuring two items from Amazon that I feel should be closet staples! 

What I Am Wearing Today #5 Fashion Beyond Forty

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