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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pet Profile: Lyla - A Ruff Life But Very Loved

You may be following my Pet Profile articles and if you have not. I hope you will check them out. In each I introduce one of our furkids, or extended fur family members, so you can get to know the pets behind some of my other pet related articles. 

Each of these furry wonders has a personality all their own.


Today's Pet Profile is all about our sweet little Lyla.

Our Lyla came to be with us right after she was weened. 

Pet Profile: Lyla - A Ruff Life But Very Loved

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What I Am Wearing Today #16 Is This October?

Disclosure: Amazon affiliate links are used in this article. 

Wow what a gorgeous day today! It's breezy but not cold, and the sun is shining! Is this really October? This is not normal Kansas weather for October! 

Today I am wearing a cute 3/4 sleeve v-neck causal mini tee shirt dress from Meaneor on Amazon. This is from their Plus Size collection. This is their navy blue color but it is much more of a teal color if you ask me. This cute style also comes in four other colors. It comes with a wide stretchy belt but fair warning, if you are thin in the mid section this belt probably will not fit you. It is a bit large on me. 

What I Am Wearing Today #16 Is This October?

This dress would be super cute with a scarf or many other styles of belts at the waist. That is one thing I love about this cute mini dress, you can change the entire look of it with how you belt it and the accessories you add to it.

The material is your basic tee shirt type of fabric which makes it breezy, easy to wear, and comfy.


Monday, October 24, 2016

Two Nuts Harvesting Walnuts In The Fall

Last weekend I was outside doing some yard work and my neighbor hollered at me asking if I wanted some walnuts. Do I want walnuts I thought, of course I do! My neighbor has two walnut trees, and while some of the walnuts fall into my yard I was not going to infringe upon his bounty without asking. Luckily he asked me first! Now I was not going to partake of his walnut bounty without helping so I asked him if he would like help picking them up from his yard. He happily agreed to let me help.

Two Nuts Harvesting Walnuts In The Fall

For the next hour my neighbor, his wife, and I harvested walnuts. We had some near misses while harvesting walnuts from under the trees a few times, as the nuts were still falling. We joked about needing hard hats. 

Two Nuts Harvesting Walnuts In The Fall

After our collecting was finished, I had quite the load of nuts! Keep in mind this is just my take from their yard! 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fashion Focus: Is Custom Fit Clothing Worth It? Learn More About eShakti Customized Clothing

Disclosure: I received a product sample to facilitate this article. Affiliate links are contained in this article. 

It's an on going struggle making fashion fit. Finding clothing that looks as good on as it does on the rack can be frustrating. This is especially troublesome if you are a petite woman like myself, or if you are a curvy woman, also like me, and yes you can be both petite and curvy. If you are a taller woman good luck finding fashion that fits too. Let's face it, women's bodies are not cookie cutter shapes or sizes! So what if you could have your clothing made to fit your every measurement? You can! At eShakti their motto is "We Design, You Customize" and ladies, let me show you how wonderful this is! 

Fashion Focus: Is Custom Fit Clothing Worth It? Learn More About eShakti Customized Clothing

I have always loved maxi dresses, but being only five foot three means maxi dresses do not love me. They are always too long, way too long, they always seem to engulf me, so the dress wears me instead of me wearing the dress. This best seller on eShakti, the Mixed Media Sash Tie Empire Maxi Dress was customized to my specific measurements, and design choices and it is the best fitting dress in my closet. 

Fashion Focus: Is Custom Fit Clothing Worth It? Learn More About eShakti Customized Clothing

Oh and before I forget to tell you, all eShakti dresses come predesigned with pockets! Yes pockets! Okay maybe that does not excite you as much as it does me, but I love a dress with pockets. If you do not care for pockets in your dresses, do not worry, you can click one box and have the pockets removed. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Women's Wellness Round Up Introducing Products I Love, And Products I Was Curious About Plus Discounts

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and as some of you may already know, I have had a few breast cancer scares, and there are many women in my family who have been stricken with this horrible disease. 

With it being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and being hyperaware of my own health monitoring, I decided that I wanted to highlight some products that I either use, or brands of curiosity to me personally. 

Women's Wellness Round Up Introducing Products I Love, And Products I Was Curious About Plus Discounts

When I was approached to tell you about some select brands and products I was thrilled because many of these products I already use, and some I was sincerely curious about, some I had not heard of but I am glad that I now have them! Let's discuss... 

Cold Brew Coffee Lovers Rejoice - I Am Absolutely Stoked About Stōk Cold Brew Coffee

About a month ago I saw a new type of cold brew coffee at my local store. Being a coffee fanatic I have tried every type of coffee, and brewing technique imaginable. I do love cold brew and find it easier to grab and gulp down in the mornings, so when I saw Stōk Cold Brew Coffee in the store I had to try it. 

I bought one 48 ounce bottle, selecting the un-sweet version so that I could add my own creamers when desired. I got it home, opened it up, took a sip, and my world changed. 

Cold Brew Coffee Lovers Rejoice - Stōk Coffee To The Rescue!

Now perhaps only true coffee lovers can understand the jubilation I experienced upon tasting something with deep, rich, complexity. Notes of chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and an almost smoky essence make Stōk magnificent in my book. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What I Am Wearing Today #15 Frilly Feminine Day

Disclosure: I am using Amazon affiliate links in this article. 

I got this oh so sweet lace bottom sweater a few weeks ago and today it was the perfect weather for it. The Xinliya sweater has a crochet design with delicate lace edging at the bottom which is frilly, and girly. 

What I Am Wearing Today #15 Frilly Feminine Day

I do not often wear statement necklaces but I felt that this gorgeous sweater called for one so I decided on this Houda Retro Charm Collar Necklace with diamante colorized glass crystals. 

What I Am Wearing Today #15 Frilly Feminine Day

I honestly have no idea what all that means about diamante and what not but it is gorgeous!! Also, while not entirely important, it came in the most beautiful gift box! If you are looking for a absolutely stunning gift for the upcoming holidays, this is the way to go. Or get one for yourself, obviously. 

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