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Fashion Beyond Forty Philosophy

Fashion Beyond Forty Philosophy

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

20 Great Date Ideas For Empty Nesters

While this date idea article is aimed at the empty nester there are a lot of great ideas in this list for everyone as well, regardless of your age.

20 Great Date Ideas For Empty Nesters

When the young adult kids have flown the coop we often find ourselves going through a mix of feelings. Some of us start out joyful to reclaim our territory, while others go through some sadness to see their "little ones" take flight. Eventually though we all land in a space of "now what?" We may not have previously realized how much of our time, and our day to day living was based off the other beings dwelling in our home.

This date idea list is meant to inspire you, and your significant other, to try new things together. Some of the date ideas listed will get you back out into the world of socialization, something we often set aside to have more time with our kids, and to run our household. Other ideas are meant only for the two of you so that you can reengage with one another, and get the spark back into your lives.

I hope you find a few ideas you will use.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Fashion Focus: Go Big Or Go Home, Fashionable Pattern Play With Covered Perfectly Use My Discount

Disclosure: I received payment and or product to facilitate this Fashion Focus. Affiliate links are being used in this article. You can read more of my Covered Perfectly articles here

Mixing prints is not always something I was comfortable with however I have learned to enjoy it. One key factor in mixing prints is to stick to one type of print. I mixed two different types of prints. Another thing that helps when mixing prints is to stick to a color theme. Mixing prints of black and white make it a lot easier, and is a good place to begin if you are just starting to play around with mixing prints.

Below, I am wearing one of my favorites from Covered Perfectly, the Simply Gathered ruched top paired with the fun and funky Zig Zag Cascading Vest

Fashion Focus: Go Big Or Go Home, Fashionable Pattern Play With Covered Perfectly

Covered Perfectly offers many colors, and prints in the cascading vest and they are some of my most grabbed for items in my closet. I love how there are so many ways to wear the cascading vest. It can be worn tied, tucked, draped, belted, even backwards! There are so many cool ways to style it, and I am sure there are still more ways to discover! Personally I love wearing it long and draped, I just love the way it flows.

Fashion Focus: Go Big Or Go Home, Fashionable Pattern Play With Covered Perfectly

The ruched Simply Gathered top is the cutest! I love how you can rearrange and adjust the tucks and puckers to give me the most slimming effect. When I arrange it, it actually stays in place too! This top is absolutely gorgeous in the deep wine color, but you can also get it in black, and royal blue. Imagine how slimming the black would look. I need to get myself one in every color!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Coming Soon on #1

Just a quick post to let you know about some things coming soon on the blog! 

A few great posts still yet to come this month from the Valentine's Day Gift Guide to a new Covered Perfectly Fashion Focus then into February where I will focus on some pet related topics and health topics as well. 

Plenty in store, watch the video for more details please. 

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!
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    Wednesday, January 18, 2017

    10 Out Of The Box Things Couples Can Do On A Tight Budget

    No matter what your income, we all find times in our lives where we are "broke". Granted starving we may not be, but if you are taking care of your elders, or still paying some bills for your young adult children, and have found yourself tightening your belt lately, like my husband and I, then here are 10 things you can do as a couple that you may not find elsewhere on the web! Trust me, I have searched for things to do with my husband that cost little, to nothing!

    The problem is that I find lists with too many "girly" things that men would not take interest in, or I find the same old tired ideas such as play a card game, or clean out the garage. Yeah, ummm we've already hit on all that.

    So I wanted to create my own, "out of the box" ideas to share with you that are fun for both men and women.

    1. Join a meet up group.

    10 Out Of The Box Things Couples Can Do On A Tight Budget

    Yes MeetUp Groups are still a thing! In fact we found several groups we were interested in the moment we signed up! You can get together with board game fans, try your hand at LARPing, gather with beer or wine aficionados, exercise groups, anything, you name it! If you do not find something you are interested in you can start your own MeetUp Group. 

    2. Start kickboxing lessons from a youtube video - put it on your big screen.

    10 Out Of The Box Things Couples Can Do On A Tight Budget

    Paw Tracks - A Not So Wordless Wednesday Pet Post

    I have never participated in a Wordless Wednesday here on the blog because let's face it, it's difficult to shut me up! I tried to just let the photos do the talking but I had so many feelings, thoughts, and emotions run through me when I snapped these pictures that I just have to share what was on my mind. 

    Paw Tracks - A Not So Wordless Wednesday Pet Post

    Within the past year and a half we have lost a number of our fur family, four to be exact, two dogs, and two cats, despite them all having excellent veterinary care. When I snapped these pictures my heart was full because of the cute little tracks our Lyla had left behind. A reminder that we have life in our home, love in our home, and a nice yard for our Lyla to play in. 

    Paw Tracks - A Not So Wordless Wednesday Pet Post

    Monday, January 16, 2017

    Equality For All Let's Change The Conversation!

    I was recently introduced to the organization EQUAL when I received a cute beanie and bracelet from the organization. I talked briefly about it in an article where I asked for everyone to Prepare, Pamper, and Prioritize in 2017

    Equality For All Let's Change The Conversation!

    Speaking on prioritizing I think it is due time we started to open the conversation of equality back up and that is what EQUAL is doing! 

    Equality For All Let's Change The Conversation!

    When it comes to issues of equality it is a wide open gaping topic. From race relations, to gender equality, to gender, and those with disabilities. It is not just a black and white issue. 

    Equality For All Let's Change The Conversation!

    Most people will tell you they feel at some point in their lives they have been discriminated against, that includes men! The all american white male has even faced discrimination in his lifetime. 

    Friday, January 13, 2017

    When Kindness Comes Back To You And You Are Humbled By It

    I had a humbling experience the other day. 

    My husband and I were donating some clothing and household items we no longer needed to a local thrift shop, since our preferred place to donate was closed. As we were unloading and carrying boxes into the shop, a man held the door open for us. I thanked him, and gave him a friendly smile as I would any other human being. I was impressed with his kindness to stay there a few minutes longer and help us out. 

    After we were done carrying in a few boxes and headed back to the van I thanked him, said have a nice day, and smiled, then started to walk back to our van. 

    The man seemed to be hesitating a little, then approached me. He held out his hand and presented me with a lovely pair of earrings. He said that he had just purchased them in the shop and thought they were special because he is a jewelry maker himself. He went on to explain how the long parts of the earrings were made from porcupine quills. He seemed very proud of them as if he had made them himself. To him they were very special. He said he wanted me to have them. 

    When Kindness Comes Back To You And You Are Humbled By It

    I will admit in that moment it felt a little awkward. Taking a gift from a total stranger is not something I come across every day. I also have another confession ... as I stood there face to face with this man, I noticed that he appeared homeless. 

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